Next Five Games

In my opinion the next 5 games are crucial, we must look to achieve at least 9 points with much better performances, there has been a lot of patience from the majority of fans. But it’s starting to wear thin now and it’s only a matter of time before we all start turning on Clarke and the players, which could have disastrous consequences on the remaining part of the season with player confidence being my main concern. There is only so long this feel good factor will last. With a small minority of fans already having lost patience it wont be long until it’s the majority.

Bradford (H)
Morecambe (A)
Scunthorpe (H)
Crawley (A)
Salford (H)

There is 3 very winnable games Morecambe, Scunthorpe, Salford, anything less than 5 points and I think there could be a ■■■■ storm heading clarkes way.

I really hope clarke and the team can turn it around, I believe we have a great manager and a team capable of a top 7 finish but unfortunately we are yet to see any evidence of this we seem to be stuck in first gear. But once we do find our feet I think we will be like a steam train especially with a couple of additions come January.



Morecambe and scunny are huge games right now! Teams that are on par with us with results so you would hope we could get something espcially with scunny at home! The others im not sure about, cant us getting much against bradford or crawlry if im honest but hey lets hope and pray as usual and believe it will turn round, but after each off these poor games that hope dwindles more and more and please people dont tell me i goto wait because i know this but how many games in do people admit we look wowfull? Clarke deffo the best man for the job just dont know what its goto take too turn this form around because atm its looks like form is getting worse not better!

Should be looking at points from all those imo…way it’s going though two of those games (Morecambe and Scunny) will be 0-0s and the other three 1-0 defeats.

Bradford will be tough but they’ve already lost a couple at this level. Salford same as Walsall, no league win since opening day so looks like they won’t spend their way through this division this season at least.

Think back to last March when the team had a mini revival and up popped Portsmouth, Sunderland, Barnsley and Doncaster. Now that is a bloody hard fixture list.

Everytime I look at league two table I just think how unthreatening it all looks which makes hardly winning a game or scoring a goal atm very disheartening.

Edit: As I said yesterday I don’t think a point away at Colchester in isolation is that terrible. Maybe the revival quietly started yesterday. Point v Bradford and then at least 4 v Scunny and Morecambe and suddenly back in top half and looking upwards.

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One thing struck me looking at the L2 highlights this week, some of the defending is absolutely awful, really bad. So on that basis, and given that our defence is ok surely just playing the percentages of getting the ball into the right areas, getting shots away and being reasonably proficient at attacking set-pieces should be enough to achieve the modecom of success going forward that we’ve been sadly lacking in so far. I could barely name any forward players currently playing for the likes of Exeter or Cheltenham, I doubt any of them are world beaters, but that’s what they do - run, cross and shoot. Its not really that complicated is it?


This is the problem I look at the league table and there isn’t really any teams that stand out, unlike league 1 where you had the at least 7 quality teams, I cant understand why we are struggling so bad

Its the link between midfield and attack, the midfield seem scared to commit them self into the attacking third. The attacking threat is non existent

Well to me, we’ve got to play Hardy and just accept that he’s a young lad with ability that will have good games and poor ones.


This. 100%. It’s incredibly simplistic, but we need to try and get as many of our creative players on the pitch as possible.

I’d like us to give this a go


That’s not a bad shout, there should be enough quality in that team to do the basics defensively and going forward. Alternatively play Hardy behind a front two, but either way its 4 at the back for me. With the experience we’ve got in respect of defenders and defensive midfielders we simply don’t need 7 defensive players on the pitch, and certainly not 5 defenders. Guthrie for me has to be on free-kicks and corners.


Christ looking at some of theses potential line ups is depressing, our lack of quality is frightening.

I’d like to see a starting line up named twice in a row to be honest. People keep talking about gelling but we have a totally new system almost every match and never the same personnel.

Clarke needs to decide what his favoured system is and which players are best to play it and stick with it for more than 60 minutes.


Agree, we’re not going to “grow into the season” if we don’t know what method we’re using. This is Division 4, get the basics right and build from there and try and build confidence. The way we’re going about things will confuse and depleat confidence and then we will be in trouble. Every successful manager we’ve had has started with a strong set of principles that have been implemented come what may. I can’t remember any success with constant chopping and changing.


Reading the above posts fills me with horror when folk talk about getting at least 4 points from Scunny & Morecambe, god is it really that bad?
We should get a minimum of 6 points from those games otherwise DC has some explaining to do.
Sure Bradford is a right off, they always 'ammer us and will again, so the following 2 matches are must win games, (just don’t like the history that Scunny are one of the regular 4-1 defeat at home’rs, no matter how good or bad they are at the time).
LP’s hope for better home gates will become a distant memory if this god damn awful run continues, as will DC’s easy life!

So whats the maximum we should get? Or are you including snookers :laughing:

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Just stating the bloomin obvious to emphasize the point I was trying to make!

He needs to stick with 532 firstly, this is the formation his recruitment was based on. Abandoning this was the biggest mistake JW made in his final season.

The keeper, back 5 and Guthrie and Sinclair generally pick themselves. It’s the 3rd spot in midfield at the front 2 where the formula is yet to click.

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No plan is the best plan. That’s why I’m not too bothered by slow start. That’s new manager, new players, they all need to learn how to work together. But why lack of settled first 11, or formation is good? It’s more complicated to learn, but when it happens, it is pain in the back for opponents, first to predict who will play, and second how will play. Of course players need to learn how to play together, in different formations, but result can be very nice. It will be difficult, it will take time, but that’s the gelling part. I’ve seen few warnings, first games will be hard and we’ll want to sack DC after poor results. But later? It should be much better. It’s always risk this time opponents will be wiser, but that’s football. Pessimism is not allowed :wink: