Next Walsall Manager Thread (Again)

I have not seen any actual evidence posted to support the theory that Sadler would be a better manager than O’Kelly or any of the other candidates with far more experience.


Thats because there isn’t any.

I knew Darren about 15 years ago, went to his football sessions when i was at school, such a nice bloke.


Mat Sadler took the training on post match days for players not in the squad. He didn’t get involved In match preparation work or tactics.

No one has questioned or doubted this. The point is, he was brought in by Mat Sadler to do exactly what he has experience as. A coach and a no 2. He is good at it and not once has this been questioned. My point is Mat Sadler has shown good management skills by enlisting the help of someone good at their job, who he trusts and has respect for and who is capable of translating the managers ideas and ideals onto the grass. May Sadler still coached while ROK was here and they worked together to try and put some pride back into some performances to end the season more positively than it was heading. IMO they achieved this. To give ROK all the credit because he too a warm up drill or was seen more vocal is laughable.

The only conclusion I’ve drawn is that I liked what I saw. I said from the start that a) it was too short a period for him to really be judged and b) it made no difference to me if he was able to affect results in such a short period but that I would be looking for signs that suggested to me that he would be capable of taking it on further if given the opportunity.

I don’t care if he’s cheap or expensive, inexperienced or experienced, young or old. I just judge what I see. Have I had the chance to make the most informed opinion of my life? No. Would I have liked to have seen a longer spell? Yes of course.

However has anyone else done enough for me to prefer them as my preferred option? No.

That’s just me.

Btw I haven’t and never will be trying to suggest ROK had no input. My point to an other poster was that you can’t attribute all the positives to ROK but then blame the negatives on Sadler. That’s a joke :joy::joy::joy:


No but they’re is also no evidence to suggest ROK would be a better manager than Sadler either.

I not saying you were but I am saying some have expressed a wish for ROK to be the manager and that really is fanciful at best.

For clarity here is what I said pre Salford….

I’ve known Darren more recently and can wholeheartedly agree, fantastic fella and well respected within the footballing community.


Never met him, but his mother worked in the canteen at Hallam St Hospital in West Brom when I worked there over twenty years ago. Very nice she was too.

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Sadler isn’t going to get the job. He’s been part of a failed managerial set up as coach and the club need to move on from him. The marginal improvements we saw were down to O kelly


Could someone come up withe 10 laughing :joy: mojo’s I want to go to bed .

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Not included in your long reply is any reason to believe that Matt Sadler would be a better manager than Richard O’Kelly, or better than any of the people who have actually applied, all of them with vastly more experience.

Maybe Sadler will interview brilliantly and convince Trivela that he is the man for the job. If so, then it will be the interview that has won him the job, not his CV. If he is appointed, he will have my full support, and let’s hope he is a success.

I’ve talked extensively more than once on why I think he’s be better choice than others on the list. I’m not saying that he’ll get the job I’ve just made a case for why I think he’d be a good fit.

ROK is completely reluctant to be involved as a coach what makes anyone think he’d then consider being the actual manager :rofl::man_shrugging: The best hope anyone has of him being involved is if Salder is the man they choose and they manager to convince him to come in 3 days a week to assist. I do t see it happening and I definitely don’t see him being or wanting to be the gaffer!!

Yes, I agree, that’s obvious isn’t it? On the basis that he doesn’t have a managerial CV :man_shrugging:

My argument for has always been based on how he interviews and the games he had formed part of that. I said from the start that it wouldn’t be enough due to the mess we were in he’d need much more time to straighten it out. As will anyone else who comes in. At least he has a head start on knowing the personnel at the club (in and out the dressing room) to begin with.

I don’t think he’ll be given the job. I want him to be but I don’t think he will.

However I do think we’ll look back at this moment with Sadler with some regret sooner or later.

And the Board have finally issued a video update on how their attempts are going to grab our next manager.

But why?

Genuine question. Do you know him personally? Or through people?

It seems a lot of heart over head with your insistence on him.

As Bernie says, I’ll back him and give him a blank slate if we do go for him - but I can’t help feel (if we hedge our bets (and we really have to)) is that there are much better options on the managerial market right now.

Sadler has done nothing in the game with regards management - he could do one day, sure, but I don’t think it’s the time to be a crèche, again. I’m sick of this league and I want the club to put in a new environment to maximise the chances of any manager having success - but a part of that success is also a good manager. I honestly don’t see why you are you so into him / hence the question at the start.


I have absolutely no idea who our next manager should be. However I will have a reasonably good idea of how well whoever is appointed has done by the end of next season.


Out of all your posts on the matter, that’s all it comes down to.

  1. You liked his interviews.

  2. He’s already here so knows the players.

When you remove all the other noise, it’s not exactly a compelling argument. I don’t think anyone would deny that the Doncaster performance was much improved from what Flynn was serving up, but you have to include the context that they were missing a load of first-term players and sacked their own manager straight after the final whistle. 1 win, a 0-0 and a 3-2 defeat against ten men isn’t great no matter how you try to spin it.

I know you like to sneer at ‘football fans’ for various things, but getting excited about a relatively unknown managerial appointment, the new signings that will bring and the potential of a fresh start is kind of what it’s all about.

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No I don’t know him at all. I have spoken to people in the game who speak really highly of his capabilities and through a friend of a friend who says the players want him and that he changed so many little things the minute MF left…and….to many peoples shock, he still took a lot of the training even with ROK here.

It’s not an insistent on him, although I realise it’s becoming that way and due to the resistance to much of what I say it’s starting to look like a crusade….it’s not meant to have been like that, it’s simply my feeling on it and I’m really not taken with any of the other candidates. I’m really not.

I can’t argue with that other than the game is littered with people who had no CV of managing and yet showed really skill and had success at it.

I don’t buy this “you have to have experience to be a success” narrative.

If any manager out there starts their career with failure they probably don’t get another job and so in many ways many managers are successful immediately or they don’t continue to be managers.

This club needs someone who can come in and make a mark. Who better than someone who has no previous, and who is driven to make it a success with all the enthusiasm and work rate that comes with a first job.

As I say I’m just not taken with any of the other candidates and I’m dreading seeing the same on stiff churned kit by managers that have experience but in the main it’s experience of failure or the sack.


Well, I hope we find out who it is soon.

Two points: first, whoever it is, barring a real coup on the level of Chris Nicholl, we are unlikely to be filled with excitement - the false dawns of Clarke, Taylor and Flynn have taught us that.

Second, whoever it is needs to be made welcome and given a chance.

And what I want see is, obviously, success but, more important, to have some pleasure in watching us play. Much has been said about the last three games but at least we were starting to play football.


That is my view too. And, historically, it is where we have found most success.

No it’s really not is it. You haven’t read what I’ve said if that’s what you believe. They were just two of the things that I think have come across well and knowing the players that are here gives him a head start and means he knows already how he’d use them as opposed to how he’d replace them.

I’ve already said the results have no impact on anything I’ve said or any of the reasons he’s my preferred choice.

I can spin this and say the only argument anyone has against him is that he hasn’t managed before. That’s not a compelling argument because that’s where every manager has to start and anyone not being a success early on probably means they’re going to struggle with getting another job. This means most managers out there were relatively successful from the off.

Donnie had 8 of the 11 that beat Colchester the week before which was their first win in weeks so I’m pretty sure they licked that team on merit and despite what people may think the manger wasn’t sacked for the Walsall result he was sacked for half a season worth of poor results….just as Flynn was.

I’m spinning, you’re spinning….everyone spins their own argument. It’s how you make a point.

No I really don’t.