NHS and emergency services. First game back

Be nice to see the clubs advertising electronic boards change for a month or so with a THANK YOU NHS AND KEY WORKERS Across it


Let’s not forget the low paid workers, such as Supermarket checkout operators, cleaners, etc. These people really need thanking as they didn’t sign up to be working in such potentially hazardous conditions. Emergency workers know from the beginning that this can be the case (not that I’m denigrating them at all!).


I would class them as key workers to be honest ,there’s so many others putting them self out there ,but if they all could be covered on those boards would be great

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Best idea ive seen on here by a mile

Also aswell as filling the stand id like a round of applause from home and away fans and the 2 teams .

Rather than putting more financial pressure on the club to provide free tickets how about the grateful of people of Walsall buying a ticket for a NHS or social care worker they know?

I would gladly buy a ticket for my niece or sister.


No financial pressure on club whatsoever, because if club couldn’t offer seats free they would just be empty as they are. Every other week

So as said no cost to club whatsoever, in fact could in fact make club money, on food and drink sales, and of course there is always a possibility. Some may want to return as paying customers,

Honestly can’t see what financial pressure it would put on club


Honoring the care givers is a great idea. It would be remiss of the club not to consider it, though doing it for free maybe a big ask for a financially strapped club like ours.
I would certainly be willing to chip in if needed.

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Perhaps running it past the club first before putting it out there? Is this an ISSA or Dhforever suggestion? If it is an ISSA one then it is putting unnecessary pressure on the club. How will they be perceived if they didn’t/couldn’t do this now?

We are in constant contact with club, And many ideas are put to them, by Issa,
If club decide to run with it great, if not, No problem
It appears there is only you viewing it as a problem , as club have not contacted me vetoing it. Yet are fully aware. Of. Our request Maybe they also consider it a good idea who knows, But as said if they don’t no problem whatsoever

Issa have a fantastic working relationship with club, and where due to sit down with the chairman, dan mole and Steph. Only last week, until, these stricter distancing rules where introduced, and said meeting had to be cancelled. , But we. Still have channels of communication open, So your comment about putting things to club first is. Rather purile, as I can assure you anything Issa does. In relation to wfc. Is after consulting with club first, and. Is done to promote club in a positive manor as per our constitutional. Rules, Hope this puts your mind at rest as to how Issa operates and interacts with senior personnel within the club , which is as said. First and foremost working within its own constitutional rules , and with our fan base first and foremost in its. Thought process

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It appears I have misunderstood.

Why didnt you put in your opening post that ISSA are in discussions with the club in making this fantastic gesture happen?

Please keep UTS posted as I am happy to help, especially in involving those social care organisations that provide support in the area.

Best of luck and I look forward to updates.

Can think of a couple…Extra stewarding duties for a larger than usual crowd. Potential policing cost.

Great to explore the idea though.

Non of remaining games with exception of Plymouth would incur extra policing even with larger than average crowd expected,

As for stewarding. Yo may be looking at a few more granted, You are correct there.

but cost would be minimal compared to the average spend the extra crowd would generate

Only a win win situation for club. Who could only benefit , Seats would be empty anyway. Just as they always are, , if this idea. Could not be done for any reason, , and when football does return, just by its very happening does not guarantee a bigger crowd, than normal, could infact see even smaller crowd,s than normal , as people may have found other things to do. , and continue to stay away , which has to be a concern

but as said they have neither agreed or disagreed at this point, in time to this request, but as you say may be one. That. Needs exploring further

Very glad to hear that a supporters group is doing it the right way - at last
When I say at last, I’m referring to the “glory-hunter” supporter groups in the past who have not been entirely honest about their relationship with club management.
I’m impressed with Issa’s work so far, you are bridging a very important gap between the fans and the board.
Keep up the good work.


Shared on behalf of ISSA. Amazing work, once more.



Excellent stuff ISSA :clap::clap::clap: