Nice Touch From The Club


Whether this was Deano’s idea or whoever, it’s a nice touch.


Well done Dean and all at Walsall FC and good luck to Dave hope the boys do you proud and we gain all 3 points. UTS


Following the Travel Section debacle this is some much needed good PR. And actually, having remedied the Travel Section thing quite quickly, the club are probably in credit. And it’s not that hard really. Just keeping eyes and ears open and doing some decent/nice things.

Well done Dean.


From what I could tell they were informed by a mere ‘steward’. Instead of seeking clarifiction from the clubs decision makers they decided to leap straight on to social media to complain about the ‘harsh treatment’ and being a ‘victim’. Seems to be the way these days.

Glad it is has worked out for the gentleman involved. I can’t imagine it was him who initiated the online rant.