Night Matches at Bescot

Unless I’m missing something, the last time supporters watched Walsall win in person at Bescot in an evening league match was 4-2 v Doncaster 13 February 2018, almost 4 years ago.

Since that time we’ve played 11 home league matches in the evenings (where fans were present) and not won any of them:

6 Mar 2018 Rochdale 0-3
21 Mar 2018 Wigan 0-3
2 Oct 2018 Shrewsbury 0-0
6 Nov 2018 Charlton 0-2
12 Feb 2019 AFC Wimbledon 0-1
12 Mar 2019 Portsmouth 2-3
20 Aug 2019 Newport 0-0
28 Jan 2020 Morecambe 0-2
17 Aug 2021 Scunthorpe 1-1
7 Dec 2021 Crawley 1-1
25 Jan 2022 Bradford 1-2



Lets hope the new floodlights inspire us to win a few more night matches.
Can’t see it myself. :star_struck:

We should try playing without switching lights on. Kill two birds with one stone.

Ie. Save club money and would probably. Make watching more bearable as we could not see the dross. Being turned out

But the. I forgot. Aston Villa wouldn’t allow us not spending fortunes Bringing them-up to date for there ladies.


That’s a depressing statistic indeed.The last one I went to was Scunthorpe at home when they equalised with Beeston in stoppage time.That night a striker hadn’t even travelled with them because they didn’t have one and if memory serves me correctly they hit the bar and we cleared it off the line in front of the home end.Another chance that was created from our ineptitude and that list is growing ever longer as the seasons going on.We really need to start putting chances a bloody way it can’t carry on the players have to step up and take their opportunities they have to.

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they were saving a few quid when we came out the ground last night, pitch black under where where the home end meets the main stand.

When you see statistics like this, it puts it into perspective how poor we are and have been of late


Outstanding work. 4 years :joy:

But at least we have scored in the last three games on the list. :+1: We are moving in the right direction and giving it a good go. Unbeaten Mansfield type run just around the corner.

Scarcely believable if it wasn’t Walsall FC.

Makes perfect sense because it is.


Night games are the new January. We once went 23 (I think) League games without a win in January, 1989 to 1994. :joy: