No More Money

After reading what has happened to Dave (@Dhforever ) I am not prepared to give this owner/club anymore of my money.

I love Walsall FC but hate Pomlett, Whalley, Gamble, Mole and even the abandoned bag of cement.

I am not a season ticket holder so thankfully I can now decide not to go again until they all leave.



If only people actually did this through ST’s, merchandise, food, etc. Hopefully there is real
Action this time

I’m not renewing my ST, and I won’t be eating, drinking or spending on anything else when I’m there.

In fact, I probably won’t bother with most of the games left.

Pointless owners running what is a pointless organisation as it stands.


Fans will vote with there feet


I’ve just been on phone to my son to say let’s go to different grounds next year instead of renewing and putting up with the same rubbish and excuses every year. Wait a few weeks when the early birds are out and let’s see what they try to con us with this time.




Club’s been dying for years, including the relationship between fans and board. This whole circus is yet another compelling reason not to bother, and I suspect a terminal one for many.

You just don’t get it, do you, Messrs Gamble, Mole et al? We pay your wages too. Without us, you wouldn’t have a job to consistently fail at time and again. You’d be forced out of the cosy Bonser Bunker and into a world of accountability, something you clearly aren’t comfortable with.

Personally I’ll do a couple more games this season because I’ve paid for them, but no more from me unless the whole lot of them are removed, root and stem. But even then, sadly, I still don’t know as I’ll be bothered. Too many years of this sort of thing has just kind of killed it for me now. And I haven’t even read the minutes.

If it wasn’t for Smith we’d have been in this position probably a decade ago. The fact that all the key players remain (including Uncle Jeff is his capacity as landlord) is laughable


I’ve already said I’m not going to any home games again.To question a fan of 56 years about some sordid pre planned recording plot is shocking to say the least.They surely know the blokes genuine after him being with ISSA for years on end so I’m done now.


#pay the rent and watch relegation football

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imo I would not be surprised and I don’t wont it happen but Matt might walk being the type of man he is


I think Taylor will end up walking. I to will be giving the club no more money until things change. I work hard for my money and have been home and away a lot this season as have a lot of fans…. No more right now!


My dad said exactly the same today mate I can’t see him sticking around if it gets too toxic.


Could they give you a longer ban if you upset them even more? :joy: :wink:

I need to get myself banned then :joy::rofl::joy:

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Past caring to be honest. Wouldn’t be the first time they’ve banned me from entering the ground until I’ve got there.


There was a thread called cash flow the back end of last season. When there were talks of protests etc. The only way to get change is to impact cash flow

Still far to many Walsall fans think that this will hurt the club and shouldn’t be an optio.

No Avenue just be ruled out as an option if we want change

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Hurt the cash flow, or, get hurt by your football club time and time again.

People need to wake up and smell the coffee on a lot of things. We are operating as a 1990 football club in a 2022 world, and it shows across the whole operation.

Stick that in your folder Graham.



I have now reached my daily ‘like’ intake and have to wait 7 hrs before liking another post :rofl:


Anyone remember the Villa friendly thashing (first of many) that heralded the opening of the current ground? The last game at FP, our actual home, in fact our only home, involved a parade of “greats” that missed out Alan Buckley. Then we had the god-awful umbrella twizzeling american Orleans jazz people and band and… Stanley Matthews? Now I’m sure both of those things have thier place somewhere on planet earth, but they have feck all to do with Walsall FC, or Walsall.

I detested Bescot that day, in fact I left at half-time, and clumped and tripped my way over the pathetically, cheaply quarter-finished car park. 32 years on, and its worse. I’m the first to admit we’ve had some great times at Bescot, but they have been very few and far between for 32 years occupancy. Its a crumbling, unwelcoming, unfit for purpose cheap shithole…and pretty much always has been, and more’s to the point, unlike FP its not OUR shithole. There’s nothing AT ALL to like about it and I would love us to leave and start again in a stadium owned by the fans even if it meant some serious short or even medium term pain like a groundshare or a Rotherham type route. Ultimately we would be better for it as numerous examples clearly show.


I agree. I talked on another thread about Oxford unveiling plans for a new ground. A pro-active step by a board who don’t feel their ground is fit for purpose. A ground some seven years younger than ours which when I visited felt far more modern than ours. But location and rent seem to be the drivers for wanting a move.

The club narrative around Bescot is a bit “well what can you do?”. There’s a lot you can do. I think there’s a break in the lease in six years time which gives us a decent run up in terms of seeking a viable alternative.


Probably because we need the money from the market, conferencing, adverts etc

Why do we need it ? To pay the rent and prop up the club

But do Barrow, Harrogate, Forest Green have to prop themselves up like this I don’t know

I’d love to understand how the finance behind a ground move (construction cost and then finances to pay it off) would be compare to the on going rent and future maintenance costs which on a 30+ year old stadium will now only increase

I guess they’d be higher …. But worth the pain to be masters of our own destiny

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