No Nobhead Policy - DK the 4 way

Hi all.

New No Nobhead Policy blog up now…

Strap yourselves in - it’s not exactly positive reading.


A really excellent read.

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Who was the player that gave a " like " on social media when Keates was sacked??

Have a guess!


If that’s true I hope he doesn’t play for us again. No nobheads…


Got it in one.

Whilst I agree that it’s not good form to do that, it seems symptomatic of keates reign as manager. A good manager knows how to handle each player’s personality and works with him to get the best out of him. I just get the feeling keates hasn’t done that with ferrier,despite signing him. Now it may be that we have another demontagnac on our hands who just can’t be tamed, but I’m not convinced. Cook may not have liked the post but I bet his sentiments are the same. And as for Morris’s mum :wink:

Back to the article, what comes across more than anything is how even 4 different people can have completely opposite thoughts on an individual player!

As a professional player you should bite your tongue (or finger), other players seem to be professional enough to keep it amongst themselves. Personally I’m a bit old school, no player is bigger than the club, get out if you cant work together.

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No argument from me on that. But there’s clearly an issue, not just between him and the manager but between him and the other players. If I was an incoming manager, I’d want to understand why, I’d want to clear the air and I’d want to work out how and whether I could make the most of his undoubted talent. It just doesn’t feel like that has happened to date and positions have hardened. Sometimes we all do silly things when we feel backed into a corner.

For Ferrier to disrespect "Our Deano "in that way is totally unforgivable… Unlike Deano you will never be one of "us "

His attitude stinks more than the Sewerage works that the stadium was built on !!! :poop::poop::poop:

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So why did Ferrier turn down a move to Southend?
If he wasn’t a fan of Keates, I would have thought that he would bite their hands off for a move.

Good blog btw - 3 of the 4 views really hit the spot. 1 was over-dramatic guff imo.


Disgraceful if true about ferrier Shows a total lack of respect to the club he plays for the fans his team mates who I am sure some would have been deeply saddened by him losing his job . And most of all Keates himself. Should be widely booed in my opinion if he is allowed to wear a Walsall FC shirt again.


Well I’m sure that will have the desired effect if he’s playing Saturday :thinking:

Let’s hope on both his ability and attitude he’s NOT selected.

Except that he has the ability, when he bothers, to cause real difficulties for the opposition. There’s a player there, his early form showed that. The question is whether it will ever blossom.

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Well with O’Connor being a good friend of Keates . Don’t think he will play again this season😉

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Opinions mate… but not in my book. One month’s work at the start of the season isn’t enough.

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I agree. But a good manager in this situation, who knows something of his ability, tells him what a really important player he is, talks to him about team spirit, tells him he was out of order to like that post and, in the main, tells him he really has something to prove now and to go out and show it, playing to his strengths.

As for the suggestion that, because O’Connor is a friend of keates, he won’t be playing again…if that is the case, we really have no hope and he shouldn’t even be interim manager. I actually think MOC is better than that and will have learned a lot from working with his academy. We’ll see.


How many chances does a professional footballer need ?? We’re in a dogfight not a another chance Ferrier salloon… can’t agree mate sorry.