No Relegation?

Looks like National League are about to vote to end the season…

Might as well sell the entire squad now, and put the money towards the rent.


@RobHarv3y might have to walk an extra few thousand miles to help pay towards it :wink:

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Cheeky sod :joy:

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Football is losing its appeal the more the days go by.

Whilst I understand the basic reasoning behind it, it’s ■■■■■■■ ludicrous to have even started the season if you weren’t committed to it finishing, knowing what they all knew at the start about Covid


The National League only agreed to start the season after they received the grants to tide them over for the first few months of no crowds, while believing that if lockdown continued for a sustained period there would be more grants to follow to allow them to continue and finish the season.

In the meantime those future grants they assumed would be coming, are now loans, and the NL clubs understandably don’t want to take out loans when they have no means of repaying them.


A good time to ask Boreham to loan us Kabongo😀

Presumably Barnet, effectively 10 points from safety, will be happier than Torquay currently 10 points clear at the top.

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Looking at statements from some clubs, it seems that they’re voting to call it off.


Torquay would be furious if they and the EFL decide no promotion/relegation.

The only thing wrong with that is,
All the clubs doing either well or keeping their heads above water will vote to keep going, and all the one’s doing bad and losing money will vote to end it :man_shrugging: