Non-League Football Podcast - Walsall Links

These West Midlands grossroots football podcast episodes where Harry Harris and Sean Geddes are interviewed give a fascinating insight in to their time at Walsall. Fair to say Harris wasn’t a fan of Mullen and Whitney and his story about Merson is interesting too. Geddes wasn’t a fan of Dean Smith!

Sean Geddes episode -

Harry Harris episode -

Funny story at the end of the Geddes episode about Clayton Ince and Dean Keates!


Fascinating.Thanks for that.

Listened to these and Kris Taylor recently, all good.

They did one with Lee Hughes too which I listened to, and having never heard him speak before he sounds like the kind of thick ■■■■ that would do what he did, and he still gives off the feeling he doesn’t regret anything.

Saw today he’d joined Mickleover Sports…

Harris was certainly clear on his feelings towards Mullen and Whitney lol


Got those stories about Whitney are weird and worrying.


The one about a punishment of naked boxing by Whitney wtf

No wonder so many senior players left when he was given the managers job.

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Started listening to the Ashley Hemmings episode earlier. Interesting about his time at Walsall - said that some woman came in to meet with the players individually to tell them what Smith and O’Kelly thought of them. Sounds like a bit of a strange thing to do.

Fwd to 12:00 on the Harry one and he talks about Whitney and in particular his punishment of making anyone late especially the younger lads strip naked and punch a punch bag n he would whip them. WTF is that all about???

Being a ■■■■■ manager and a pervert by the sound of it :open_mouth::smile:

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He just liked to watch their junk wiggle around while they were punching the bag…:yum:

This kind of allegation can ruin a person ffs

Our annual fight against flaggelation.

Think Whitney was taking or drinking the p*ss.

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