Normal service resumed

When do we think football will be as it was before this no social distancing masks etc just going to the game as normal? beginning of next season for me i do think fans will be back by March in some capacity though.


I think just start again and get everything right by the start of next season


I agree. This season is a no no, but next season deffo with beer and away days. That’s a reasonable expectation.


Just a beer

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I think it’ll be next season which is fine. I am a bit unsure about this 4k, 2k capacity at this point. Lets not run before we can walk just because a vaccine is round the corner.


No lots :nerd_face::beer::beer::beer::beer:

That will be a happy happy day even if we lose 6-0.


It will take some time I think.

I’m probably not alone in wondering how I personally will re-adjust to “crowds” again. It’s been a while since I’ve been in a reasonably confined space with hundreds of other people. So not just at football but gigs, pictures, theatre, packed boozer I do wonder if my mind will just switch back to how it was or whether I along with many others will have built up a degree of anxiety about being in a crowd again. I already look at stuff on the telly from pre covid times and my brain goes “wow - look at all the people” so I know I’ve already built an unwitting reaction to crowds.

I’m right up for jumping straight back in and seeing what happens but I do suspect that there will be individual and collective psyches that will have been re-programmed during all of this. To the point where “normal service” is about more than just about physical access to currently forbidden environments. Access to those environments may well happens around Easter time but it will take years for it to feel “normal”.


Iv been thinking the same, especially watching things on tv. It will be an unusual feeling to “get back to normal”
I’ll go as far to say I like going out now as I know it’ll not be busy anywhere in terms of being crushed, or queuing at a bar. (Outside of lockdown obviously).

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Good post.

I was watching TV the other night (I don’t watch much TV at all to be fair) I wasn’t really watching it, my Mrs was and I was in the room. There was a programme she was watching that had some kind of party where people were hugging and kissing. It struck me that already this looks and feels kind of not normal at all. A bit like when you see a programme from the 80s where people are smoking in an office or a pub.

We all want back what we had, we want that permission to be free again. I get the feeling that even when that day comes, it is going to take time for people to slot back in to it comfortably, some more than others obviously.


I thought that too, it’s probably going to seem really strange at first. As others have said, when I’ve seen things on tv of people all close together or even just shaking hands I’ve had a double take at it, so weird!
Even just seeing everyones faces not covered by masks in shops etc will seem odd!

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Just go and sit in the community stand if you’re feeling it will be a big strange. :wink:

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This crowd thing has helped me in the past when I was doing a presentation even if it was only 20 or 30 people. I would begin:

“You will have to excuse me if I am a bit nervous, I am a Walsall fan and I am not used to a crowd this big”

Now I have given it more thought it probably won’t go down well on here, but it did at the meetings. :blush:


I’ve used that one too.

On the rare occasion that somebody from beyond Walsall knows another Walsall fan you can do the “brilliant, you know us all then”.

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At the very least it might put an end to that awful continental hugging thing.

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Just heard on the radio … Walsall will be tier 3 . No fans at the bescot.

Predictable. Also notable - after the government leading on crowds of 4,000 being admitted, the number of clubs who can do so? None. Isle of Wight, Scilly Isles and Cornwall only.

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So, I could go and watch Chester then…if someone held a gun to my head and forced me!
I said before the season began that it would be 2021 before fans were allowed back into stadiums, looking like it will be season 21/22 before any degree of normality resumes.
And yes Monkeydog, I too detest all this continental style hugging that we seem to have to go through when meeting friends (before covid) makes me cringe, why can’t we just say “hi” like the old days instead of this cringeworthy ritual.