Northampton Tickets

Why is the ticket office website still stating that you will be able to buy Walsall tickets at Northampton cash on the door. After getting mine by phone from the ticket office yesterday they confirmed that there will not be any tickets to be purchased for Walsall fans at Northampton.
This needs to be updated otherwise some fans will travel without tickets and have to go in the Cobblers area

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All Ticket match apparently

Because you were going to be able to buy tickets at the ground originally when we only looked like taking a few hundred. Just haven’t updated the website I assume. Probably weren’t expecting to sell 7-800 odd in a few days.

I wonder if we have asked for a few more. I had a nosey on the Northampton ticket site and they are not selling any in the side stand we are in.

30 ish left as of 25 minutes ago

That is outstanding by fans to sell out. :clap::clap::clap:

Well ive just been and got my ticket, and there is only a couple left out the 1400, They said they didnt exspect the demand too be so high! but this is a huge new chapter for us all and i cant wait for the game! un real for us that is after going down and stuff! proud too be a red

As posted in the other thread but this one is probably more suited

Looking like it will sell out very soon - great effort. Same again for Crewe a couple weeks after hopefully, already around 250 gone for that one

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As pointed out above there is still capacity in that side stand by the looks. Room for at least another 500. Doubt we’d shift them all but if you’re Northampton why lose the revenue?

I’ve gone from feeling very 1990/91 about this season to feeling all 2006/07. Dunno why?:man_shrugging:t3:


Got ours today, to go with the renewed season ticket I got this week.

Will be at Crewe too. Haven’t been away for ages, or bought merch. Will change now.

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I haven’t been away for years. Bought 3 tickets for Crewe yesterday. I’m cautiously excited for our future.

Acvording to our OS, Northampton won’t be sending us any more tickets.

Even if they wanted to, unless the whole of that stand is always kept just for away fans and so will be all empty blocks to to side of our lot, they will probably have sold tickets to their own fans along there and with just 2 days to go it would be difficult to move them - especially as you need to have at least 1 block empty as a buffer zone these days.

And how many more would we sell anyway in the less than 2 days left by the time they got them printed and sent up to the Banks’s (given that they don’t relent and allow pay-on-the-day)? If the last 20 had already gone and there was a waiting list building up there might be more of a case …

After shifting over 500 tickets in 24 hours, even after a very much “plus size” regular away following had bought the first batch, I doubt the Northants plod, or anyone else down there would want a whiff of pay on the day or further extra allocations. I think this is going to be messy enough!

Wonder if some of the bars that usually allow away fans in on the complex might have a re-think, or even just end up overly rammed for anyone getting there (like us) at the 1-30 to 2pm mark?


The pubs better let us in, we are getting there at half 10!


Absolutely gutted to be missing out on this.
When was the last time we sold out an away end? Swindon?

This is two consecutive sell outs for us as our last away game, though I try to forget it, was Salop. Could even be 3 with Crewe…

We’ll definitely sell out the first allocation and possibly the second but if we do that can’t see us selling out the third as Crewe would give us 2 stands if the demand was there like they did a few years ago which is around 3k fans

I love the way I’ve blissfully erased that thought from my mind.