Not a penny more

Someone posted last night about not spending a penny more until we see change. I agree and have decided to do just that. I won’t be buying the commemorative shirt or renewing my season ticket until there is a change on the way the club is run. We need an end to the penny pinching cheap appointments and signings. I appreciate it has been difficult due to Covid but this approach is not new to Walsall, it has been going on for decades, taking the cheapest option we can in order to put a team out. The number one fan needs to prove he is and make a gesture to the club of a rent suspension for a few years or the gift of the freehold. A number one fan would not keep taking when the club is in such a mess. Mr Pomlett, you need to persuade your would be investors to invest now as we are in a desperate state. If they are that keen then let them be part of building this club up to finally go places. Give us some hope. Well that’s me done now until I see change. I’ve finally seen the light.


#notapennymore !!!

Well said Cats, I decided this option years ago, although I did attend the odd game till lockdown, and this is my decision to continue in this way until I see real change which includes the removal of key staff i.e. Gamble ,Mole, Whalley in other words " the old guard " and it needs to be done now!! Otherwise they will be telling us from the rooftops " what a well run club we are" as we prepare to take on the might of Solihull Moors.

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That was me and something I made clear in my email.


Me too, I also made it clear in t email to the club, I’m done until I see real, proper leadership and change

Spot on.

Time for action. Well done @tinned

Over the years my financial investment into the club has significantly dwindled, from being a ST holder (despite missing a third of games due to distance) and two shirts a year kind of supporter. To now 3/4 home games a season, no merchandise and I tend to go to away games these days. I have bought ifollow only twice, including last nights debacle.

Last season I went to Bath City a few times, with local mates and whilst I will always be a Walsall fan, they have a lot of appeal & not just because of location.

My family have actively supported Walsall FC for four generations, I will probably be the last. Our “family dozen” of ST holders has long gone and I know of once regular Saddlers taking their kids to the custard bowl or to see Deano at the Villa.

This is hardly a surprise, having been stagnant in the third division for over a decade, we’re now as many & myself included predicted, heading for the disaster of the National League if not this year, very probably next.

#notapennymore until I see a plan and progress with it


I’m glad this has been suggested because Pomlett was starting to ■■■■ me off with his tactics in getting fans to part with money without actually doing much as an incentive ,it feels as though he was trying to turn the tables as though some how the reason the budget is low is because we as fans don’t turn up in greater numbers which obviously by league 2 standards in factually incorrect, simple questions need to be asked of the club next season like if we have the 6th highest av gate in the league why do we have the 16th highest budget simple questions only require simple answers

Sorry Mods I should have put my cash flow post on this one

Agree with the topic

Let’s hit them where it matters most and in a way that’ll force them to listen

Their cash flow
Their jobs
Our Club

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