Now that our business looks to be over


I think people need to realise the players brought in means we are likely to play 532/541

With Scarr Guthrie and fitzwater at cb


I doubt that very much. Norman has gone straight into the side so doubt if he would be dropped, we aren’t going to use Jarvis as a wing back but he’ll surely retain his place. 4-4-2 is the obvious formation.


Norman. Scarr. Guthrie or Fitzwater. Leahy

Devlin/villa man. Edwards. Dobson or Osbourne. Jarvis

Cook. Oteh/ferrier/Gordon

Decent bench with laird as well, to come on if we are leading and replace Jarvis, moving leahy up into wide left midfield.


Not sure what to make of the signings tbh
Norman - seems solid enough
Scarr- haven’t seen him play so can’t judge
Fitzwater- wouldn’t have took him back wasn’t pulling up any trees before he left
Laird- better than leahy if he is the same player as 2 seasons ago
Jarvis- quality signing if stays fit
Blackett Taylor- see scarr
Oteh- see above
Mussa- see above
Will wait to see how they do but apart from Jarvis not one has got me excited in all honesty. Hope they all turn out good signings though


Sense that Keates wanted to send a message to the existing players in this transfer window. With eight players in we have competition in most positions and with Morris he’s shown that he’s willing to shift players out. At the very least there should be no room for complacency in the squad going forward.


I’m seriously flip-flopping on whether this has been an ace window or a bit “meh”. Given the hugely opaque way we operate I have no idea whether this represents the board backing our manager or whether all these loans are a neat way of getting other people to pay your players wages.

I might have sacrificed some quantity for a bit more quality in the back five with a decent goalie to maybe give Roberts a break.

We have virtually a new team so guessing on how they will gel seems a bit fruitless.

Hopefully the game is on on Saturday and hopefully we don’t come away saying “we played like strangers”. Will be interesting.


A fair point but who do you think has shown complacency? Apart from the obvious winger, are there any players who you would consider to be giving less than 100%? It’s a genuine question by the way. I question the ability of some and I question the tactics we adopt but I don’t see effort questioned often.


I think that is what Keates said regarding the abuse.


Agree :100:


another huge rebuild in the summer is what concerns me a bit its all short termism again.these players on loan could be great but will be off elsewhere or back to there parent clubs if thats the case.


Have a feeling that a couple of these newbies will be thrown straight in Saturday, we look to have a team full of pace if you take into consideration the new lads…

Can see us getting at Rochdale on Saturday and the tide turn, lets hope.


I say complacency in the sense that there are positions (such as at full back) where there has been little or no senior cover. Now we have a scenario where every player in the squad has competition for their place.


Norman Scarr Guthrie Leahy
Devlin Dobson Edwards Jarvis
Cook Oteh

Dunn Fitzwater Laird Kinsella Taylor Zeli Gordon

Mussa Osbourne Ferrier Johnson Candlin

Have I missed anyone?


clubbed together with the fact that if it all comes off and we start to climb the table or show a big improvement, we get to keep bonzo for another few seasons :neutral_face:


Would’ve prefered some more proven players at this level tbh: There’s still an element of unproven and there I say some more “naive” defending on the way.

An experienced frontman like Ward would’ve been great aswell do disappointed the club couldn’t get that one through.

Of course they won’t all come off but many of the bottom half league 1 teams done some good deals today and over last week:

Ricky Holmes- Sheffield United-Gillingham- Great wide player at this level.

Jacob Butterfield- Derby-Bradford- championship quality CM if he can get fit.

Stefan Payne- Bristol Rovers-Shrewsbury- Surprised he didn’t make much impact at Brizzle but did well enough for Sloppies last season.

Scott Golbourne- free to Shrewsbury- Would’ve certainly taken a look, was a good LB not so long ago at Bristol City.

Craig McKail-Smith- Wycombe-Notts County- Joined bottom of the whole football league!

Harry Souttar, Stoke- Fleetwood- Oh yeah that CB Rowett promised the club in the summer…

Romain Vincelot- Crawley-Sloppies.


Agree totally. We were worried about Dobson being poached by a Championship side at the start of the season - form is temporary, class is permanent.


Now we have a scenario where every player in the squad has competition for their place.

There is competition for every outfield place, but no alternative goalkeeper, since Dunn is not a credible replacement.


Rocky Holmes is s great signing at this level but if we had signed a player like butterfield who you say if can get fit Keates would have been slated for signing a crock. Mackail smith has joined the bottom of the whole league because that’s probably his level now


Holmes is very very good


Reasonably happy with our business in January as long as the Cookie Monster is kept kept fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:t2:


Hopefully they work out, but loans don’t get me too excited either. I don’t like the way lower league clubs have become so reliant on loans and having to rely on scraps from the top.

Be interesting to have a look back at our success rate with loans, we’ve had some ones, but plenty of stinkers too.