Nuneaton Borough (A) Sat July 13th, 3pm

Our third pre-season friendly takes us to deepest Warwickshire to face Nuneaton Borough, who play in the Southern League Premier Division Central (the 7th tier of the pyramid). The club has had re-incarnations, the most recent being in 2008 when they were disbanded, re-formed as Nuneaton Town and demoted by two divisions. There don’t seem to be any current Walsall connections, but there is an interesting personnel item in that their Assistant Manager (Dale Belford) is the father of current goalkeeper and captain Cameron Belford. (I saw the name Cameron Belford and thought there might be a Saddlers’ connection, but no…)

The Boro’ have played one pre-season match, losing last Saturday 0-2 at home to Notts County.

Darrell Clarke already has practically a full squad at his disposal, and we’re not even half-way through July - unheard of in recent years. The likely “First XI” from that squad has already been discussed on another thread, but it seems that the desired mixture of experience and youth is already apparent. All it needs now is the “gelling” procedure which will happen as the friendly matches progress, not to mention the inevitable bonding that will come from the expedition to Poland - departure is scheduled for Sunday, with a “behind closed doors” friendly to be played next Tuesday - I wonder if we have any spies in the camp?

One significant factor in Darrell Clarke’s signings has been his often-repeated mantra of “hungry” - he wants players who are hungry to prove themselves, hungry for success, and by extension to have pride in wearing the shirt. This approach, this state of mind, it has to be said, is something that was only patchy (at best) last season - if Clarke’s management can work on this psychological aspect we could be in for a very interesting season. Memories of a previous squad come flooding back - a squad where pride in the shirt, “all for one and one for all”, 100% effort from all players at all times … shades of Ray Graydon?

OK, back to Nuneaton … we should register our first pre-season win here, so let’s keep to the running prediction of 0-2 to the Saddlers, with goals from Adebayo and Triallist B



As you mention the Belfords … Boro’s manager, Jimmy Ginnelly, is the uncle of Josh. They also have a James Ginnelly listed as a coach who appears to have moved with Jimmy from Barwell so presume there’s another family connection there.

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We need to stop this. It was said under Keates at the start. Let’s stop the comparisons, it only ends in disappointment!

Back to it, Nuneaton 1-2 Walsall.

Hoping to see the Adebayo/Gordon partnership continue to grow and the goalscoring trialist vs Leamington, and of course Mat Sadler.


The Ginnellys have a massive sporting family in Nuneaton/Bedworth. No surprise to see them running the club.

It’s always the hope that kills ya


They’re nothing special.



Apropos nothing…Mower, Penn and Stan Bennett all played for 'em

Be intresting to see what trialists are left tomoz. From the highlights number 18 and 24 both looked okay. Can anyone shed any light on if they still with us? And anyone who went to leamington confirm who did look really good out the trialists as highlights dont give full story

The winger looked good, want to see if he can do it again though. I think 18 was the striker who didnt do much, was quiet in my opinion but no harm in having a second look.

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cheers for that 18 was the player who linked up with 24 for the goal. highlights made him look okay but cant get a full picture from them. Looking forward to going to the game tomorrow and seeing what is what

Score prediction 3-1 to the saddlers, gordon to get of the mark & Alfie bates to get his first senior goal plus a goal from (a trialist)

Looking forward to this as it’ll be my first game of the season :grin:

I’ll go 3-0

Gordon, McDonald and Adebayo

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Looking for a solid performance that’s the main thing at this stage. Let’s see us control this game 2-0 to the saddlers.

That was kairo Edwards John. Lcfc kid now a free agent. My mate has seen him play a few times for Leicester u23. Said he is a good player but goes missing a lot .

Looks like a cb,2x strikers trialist for the first half, with guthrie filling in as captain

On the team sheet they’re selling, 3 is Brandon Asante, and 5 Edwards-John

And answering my own question on another thread, Joe Slinn is one of the subs. As are Hardy and Willis but still no Freeman. :frowning_face:


Having looked him up, Asante is no. 18 from Tuesday night. Ex Franchise.

Who’s Freeman? Have I missed something?