O'conner tough season ahead!

Just heard martin on Radio WM saying that the club need everything doing from the kids up sounds like he isnt happy! And says we are in for a tough season ahead he want want it lol. What a well run club we must be as they keep telling us.


He’s been very critical on the radio which surprised me when the club were paying his wages.

Either he’s to honest or stupid.

Well done MOC, I didn’t want him as manager but I applaud him for telling it how it is at the shambles called WFC. Bonser, Gamble, Mole out


Ye I agree, however it means he more than likely won’t be involved with the club again.

Is he still contracted or did he finish after the last game?

Ended last game at a guess

The criticism from someone like MOC who knows how the club is being run, knows how it should be run, and knows exactly why and how it is happening is damning and shows how much he cares, and how angry he too is about the situation.
The pressure is building and surely this cannot go on much longer can it?
Wholesale change is desperately needed, nothing else will do.


Everyone can see we need wholesale changes but Bonser Gamble and Mole who just want to bury their heads in the sand it is doing my head in I can see a real rubbish season ahead why do they keep doing it it just baffles me !

Clearly know he’s not getting the job. But even if he was he seems like the type to be honest no matter what.

Refreshing in today’s world of media training and droning boring non interviews.

He even criticised the budget, saying it’s important to have a competitive budget, well done Skip, honestly is the best policy.

Also stated no one from the club has spoke to him since Saturday, proper joke


Is there a link to this interview?

I assume it would have been during Thursdays WM phone in show which should be on catch up. Sadly I missed it myself but glad he has spoken out and not towed the party line

It was last night.

I never wanted MOC as manager but i’d have no problem with him being a coach or having a role at the club (never happen now though).

He gets blamed a bit for the Hutchings debacle but in truth, how much was his fault? Either way, he genuinely cares for the club which is refreshing to hear.


I bet Franksy doesn’t believe him


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