Oldham Athletic!

Appreciate that I’ve posted this in the ‘All About Walsall’ section, but felt it was the right place for it, given certain similarities.

Now clearly they are a bigger basket case of a club than ours, 10 managers or so in 4 years of new ownership. Paul Scholes etc….

Their fall into the Conference from being founder members of the Premier League is yet another alarm bell for the consequences of poor leadership/ownership.

A few stats:
• 115 years in the Football League
• 30 years since Premier League relegation
• 5 year plan to get into the Championship
• Boundary Park not owned by the Club

Not suggesting we are as badly run as Oldham, but are there are clear similarities & warnings and my fear is that without the change I & many bang on about at Board Level, we should be continuing to look down the League Pyramid and not up it.


Yep, but sponsors pulling out because fans who’d done half a week’s money on following the team got a bit miffed at the team not showing up.

I hope that’s tongue in cheek.

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Of course it is.


One of my best mates is an Oldham fan.

Devastated doesn’t come close. And he doesn’t feel that the slide has stopped. In fact he thinks the worst is yet to come.

As you say - a salutary lesson as parallels are quite stark.


Just really hope that in the next few years we are not revisiting threads like this and the countless others about change, protest, well run club etc…

Just imagine if Flynn isn’t backed this summer and walks/gets poached or just fails due to our well run club being so well run.

Does not bear thinking about.

You’ve raised a good point.
I think if Pomlett and the board don’t back Flynn this summer we can start saying goodbye to Walsall FC as a league club.
Most of us feel MF is the right manager to promote us to L1. I realize we said the same about DC, and some said MT, so it’s up to the board to give MF the funds he needs to take us forward.
If LP provides the funding and it doesn’t work out, at least they’ve tried to right the ship.
We’ll see what happens with recruitment and the signings before the next campaign, we’re all hoping for a vast improvement on the pitch in a few moths.

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Whilst I am in now way a fan of this board I don’t think we have it quite as bad as Oldham. In many ways I am glad we have got a fan as an owner. Like him or loathe him Pomlett does care about the club, he just doesn’t seem to have a clue how to run it. Oldham’s owner does not give a flying duck about that club