One Pod Beyond - Episode 55

The latest from our friends at the Pod, well worth a listen.

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That intro sums it up perfectly.

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Looking forward to listening to this.

good points, and the harsh reality we face…the vast majority of clubs operate on a loss. And how many have actually gone bump in the last decade?

We sign off a small profit every year, but we are getting so left behind in many areas.

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The couple of mentions of the club simply ‘existing’ are very close to the fact, too.

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Even when the hiatus of past protests have hit, or fans have been overreacting over something (Dean Smiths bad runs), I’ve always found the Podcast fairly reserved - generally they talk a lot of sense in a fairly calm manner.

So it’s nice to hear them questioning the ownership and also that things feel like they are coming to a head at the club for the lads on the Podcast also.

I really have the feeling that Bonser, Gamble & Mole’s time comfortably milking this club for all its worth it coming to an end…


I know you have a problem with the jobs that gamble and mole do, but could you expand on the statement that they are “milking the club for all its worth”? I honestly don’t understand that. Are they in some way benefitting other than a salary package?

They are complicit in everything that goes on. So they are helping Bonser milk this club for all its worth. The fact it doesn’t go into their pockets is neither here nor there. The overall result to us as fans is exactly the same.

Any kind of empathy I had went with the latest response these clowns provided from their stock list of replies. Stealing a wage as far am I’m concerned - as someone has said - what is it that they actually do?!


Thing is it’s getting so depressing being a Walsall supporter now. I know people say be careful what you wish for… the grass is not always greener … I don’t want a well run stable club with no excitement for the fans . Would rather be in debt like all other clubs but showing ambition to get to the championship. And players who actually don’t just see us as a steppingstone, but really want to play and be part of our football club.


The annoying thing to a lot of us fans is it isn’t an either/or situation.
It’s perfectly achievable to be somewhere in between.
Not being completely tight and penny pinching but also not spending over the odds.


What evidence of work done, and improvements to the club do we have to justify the salary they take?
Fans are very quick to accuse players of “stealing a wage” if they are seen to be contributing little, so as far as I’m concerned the same goes for those in senior roles behind the scenes.

You really only have to read the response to the concerns raised to see that this is the case, never minding that, Mole passed it on to Gamble who was on holiday (during one of the busiest times of the football season, and approaching the January transfer window when our manager is struggling). And Gamble asked for any further issues to be sent to someone on a lower pay grade!

What an absolute joke.


I asked a simple, honest question. Whether they’re doing a good job would depend, to a large extent, on the job description they’ve been given by the owner. He would have different priorities to us fans! It may well be that they are performing admirably in line with the targets set for them (which might include making a small profit and generating sufficient income from off field activities to support the football side)

I don’t understand why the owner of a football club should have different priorities to the fans. Clearly in a football club that works properly those priorities should always be the same. It seems to me that having an owner who’s priorities for so long are so clearly at odds with the interests of the club itself, (and the fans basically ARE the club), has lead to an acceptance that this is the norm.

Just to point something out to you, have a look at the Club’s own mission statement, published here…

And then re-visit the idea that appointed club executives/board members could legitimately have “another agenda” to pursue via their roles as prescribed by their employer? See also the articles of association of Walsall FC Limited, which I’m sure will have pretty clear outlines for shareholders and directors, who are their custodians.

That’s not true though is it. If I do a ■■■■ job but the owner doesn’t care and doesn’t bother telling me so I’m still doing a ■■■■ job. I’m just getting away with it.

And it will still infuriate the customers.

That’s exactly what is happening with Mole and Gamble.

Just think what an extra £8k a week would do for our playing budget: 2 or 3 decent League 1 players added to the squad instead of relying on loans who can p!ss off at a crucial stage of the season.

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