Only Need Nine men

Found this an interesting read about our 1-0 victory over Brighton in 2008.

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I was there. One of the best away days. Everyone was screaming abuse at the ref. We withstood attack after attack during the second half expecting the net to bulge with every new wave they threw at us.
Great day to be a Saddler.

Fondly remembered. The away end was very accommodating, and only a brisk 5 minute walk to the pitch.

I was there. super Dwayne mattis rising like a salmon. I remember their left winger recieving dogs abuse because he had several great crossing opportunities but his final ball was great for us to defend. real proud day.

Matt Richards according ti that article, was that the same one that played for Walsall, bald Messi as he’s referred to in another thread!

I remember that early part of the season as pretty good, think there was a 5 goal win over Southend a week or two early, Demontagnac hat-trick in that one.

yes. his last goal was a shot/cross from near the corner flag that lobbed the keeper.

I actually enjoyed that season under Mullen. done nearly every game home and away up until Christmas that season.

I was there and it made it a superb weekend :ok_hand:t3:

Yeah the start was actually similar to this season amusingly although Mullen was pretty much in the Whitney camp for percieved uselessness . Won 6 out of his 11 home games so much better record than Hutchings.

Decent start evaporated in home game v Hartlepool, 2-0 up after 70 minutes, lost 3-2.

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Remember Clayton Ince going up for routine catches, but managing to fall to the floor with a couple of commando rolls thrown in, to waste as much time as possible. Great day.

Mullen was given a very decent budget and the squad he inherited and acquired should have done a lot lot better. Virtually every player either had played or were going to play at a higher level with some having played or set to play at the highest level (Weston, Reich, Hughes, Ricketts, Deeney).

That’s why win/loss stats aren’t always the best barometer of the quality of a manager.

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very good point pt… this team is what I was referring to when the club said last season was our best budget in league one…

the difference between that team and what we had In the Mullen season is frightening…

it’s also a very obvious that, yes it might of been the best budget BUT things do get more expensive in time so players wages will of increased like everything else. so by saying it’s the biggest budget we’ve ever had at this level does not mean it should yield the best team we’ve ever had at this level. we probably don’t pay much more then we did 10 years ago but other clubs have moved with the financial Times and we are still stuck in the past and slowly getting luckier each season to stay in league one bar some fantastic management with an ever decreasing (in real terms) budget.

This is the club’s stiffest budget in years? Maybe uncle Jeff’s viagra is badly digested…