Open letter from Ben Boycott

My only concern would be that the plans on football side of things will take years to come to fruition.

Still think next season may be a struggle.


Depends how you read it, he alluded to moving Mole and the gang away from anything to do with Football.

That will really hurt their egos.


Im sure alot of wont mind as long as they can see progression year on year.

Agree, that’s what he threatened to say, but didn’t.

On the fence with this - I’ve heard it all before, it’s time for action, not words. Our performance in all departments need to improve, and not in a 5 year window, in a 6 month window, we can’t risk another year of downturn before we see an upturn.


Well done BB. Exactly what I wanted to hear. The tricky bit will be implementing this plan - but at least it looks like we have one.


No more failed Pomlett projects then

Its a nice statement but we have had all the words before, proof is in the pudding as ever.


Excellent. Now to implement it which as others have said is the tricky bit.

If I was mole and gamble I’d be worried, let’s see what the second release within the week says.

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Agree total reorganisation of the football club what most of us want now get on with it .


Sounds like the next statement will be the non footballing statement which will address those matters or not tbh

Yeh I was about to say - what will the “broad” vision include that todays missive hasn’t? Traffic lights perhaps :rofl:

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In leagues with no relegation where everyone has the same budget. That difference fills me with zero confidence.

Before people whinge “you’re writing it off before it starts!” No, I’m saying there’s no basis to believe that will be any more successful than the last time that was screamed at anyone raising an eyebrow.

Unless they are making a more defined split between the corporate/events side and the football side. It may be that Mole/Gamble are responsible for upping our non football side and increasing revenue for the club and relieved of the football side so they are not spread too thinly.


Don’t think there is a quick and easy way out of the malaise. We could get lucky as success initially will depend on the manager and we may get one like a Graydon or Money who will change our fortunes rapidly. Several teams in league 2 have done that this year and others.
Sustaining that success and not becoming Forest Green or Morecambe etc will take time and some decent money.

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It does hint at Pomlett and Gamble being removed from all football decisions and moved to concentrate on say the commercial side. He should just say it if that is what he means


Brilliant open letter and clear vision for the club.

If only we had Pombears scribbled 5 year plan to compare against :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Only slight disappointed is half way through I was so happy expecting Gamble and Mole to have been sacked.


Don’t agree - he makes the point that Trivela own 90% of the club, and as such decisions rest with them. Pomlett et al still contribute to decisions as members of the exec board, but ultimately the buck stops with BB as the representative of Trivela.

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The more I read it, the more convinced I became that someone has been on here compiling a dossier of concerns that they’ve then ticked off for this statement. :eyes::grin:


Understand and agree with the concerns but this does feel better structured. Fullarton was given Carte Blanche with no one but a besotted clueless Pomlett to hold his feet to the fire.
Not exactly sure but I think Jordan is an employee of Trivela as opposed to an investor so his job is on the line also.

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It seems to be BB is questioning why so many managers with good credentials have failed so miserably.
Yes managers will always pay the price but perhaps a light has come on and he realises much of the stagnant feel to the club is sitting in positions that produce nothing beneficial.