Osbourne's smack in the face!


I really find it disgusting that Grant found Osbourne rather than the Keeper or out of play! Didn’t even console him as he was stretched off. Disgusting!


He clearly wasn’t giving it to the goalie…it was the same player who earlier had smashed the ball onto the stand roof when we were awarded a free kick. Both incidents went unpunished too…

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That bloke was an absolute PR–K all match :rage:

Which was a pity really as he hadn’t got a card for some of his other antic’s during the game , because i thought the Ref had done a reasonable job most of the evening

Agreed…the ref. was adequate especially compared to the last two although he let a lot go.

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I think he used his head a little with the condition’s on the night

Dead right - he was a complete @rse wipe. I couldn’t believe the complete lack of sportsmanship, trying to belt the ball out of play rather than giving the ball back to our keeper, especially as the game was stopped when we were in possession to treat their “injured” player.

There’s a lot of abuse for Osbourne from pub players in the comments on that link!

What, a freak accident is disgusting? Really? God some of you lot are soft

When the dropped ball was retaken, they kicked it into touch for a throw-in level with our penalty area, which is presumably what they were trying to do with the first, and isn’t really in the spirit of things.

Where in the laws / rules does it mention uncontested drop ball ?

Ban it…

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Pretty sure Anthony Grant was on a pre-seasonvtrial with us a few years ago - maybe even played in a friendly?

Never had too much of a problem with the sheep shaggers in the past, but I’d truly love to see them relegated if what they were doing on Tuesday is typical of how they play.

Live on Tuesday, I thought it was deliberate. TV doesnt definitely show that but I’d question how a “professional” could manage to damage another player from such a position. The drop ball also arose when we had uncontested possession on the half way line so the Slops hammering the ball into the crowd rather than giving possession to Roberts was pathetic. Dont think they are bad enough for relegation, but it would be nice to laugh at them on the last day of the season.

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I mean how ■■■■ have you got to be to not be able to find touch without knocking an oppo player out. He clearly didn’t mean to hit Osbourne but that makes it even more shocking.

Worst thing about is it’s supposed to be a sporting gesture. I can’t work out how it is sporting to box us in for a throw in when actually we had the ball on the half way line.

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I hope none of them are into any combat sports, because that would be cringeworthy. The kind of soft lads who have no concept of the importance of accuracy/placement and timing, and think everything comes down to POWER!

That said, I also don’t think people appreciate the power and speed that professionals routinely generate with a football. A friend of mine who supports a non-league side was on the pitch last season when a game was postponed, & asked their keeper if he could take a penalty against him… even though he put it in the corner, he reckons the keeper practically saved it by laughing at it.

The fact that the game was stopped for a “head injury” angers me. All too often now an injured player will hold their head to get the game stopped, especially when the opposition are in possession. Like somebody said to me, it’s time a law was brought in that every player treated for a head injury would be required to leave the field for at least a minute to be assessed for concussion. For one, it would ensure anyone with a concussion was properly assessed. And two, it would stop players feigning head injuries in order to conveniently stop the game.


All drop balls should be contested in my opinion. This idea of handing over possession has come in over the last 20 years or so (anyone know when it actually started?) and I hate it. I know some will think I’m wrong, but it’s a part of the game I would like to see go, and nonsense like Salops lack of good manners wouldn’t happen.


So if we have possession in a good position, their player goes down through no fault of ours, we then have to battle a drop ball to regain the possession we never lost. Seems fair.

What happened Tuesday wasn’t fair was it? If it is a serious injury the ref can and should stop play and any drop ball should be contested, otherwise carry on until the ball naturally goes out of play.
I’m sure when this started happening it was with the best of intentions, but a lot of teams have abused it, so I hope it gets done away with.

No, because Shrewsbury turned a “sporting gesture” into an advantage. The answer to that isn’t oh just get rid of it completely. Why not give the uncontested drop ball to the team that had it in the first place? I don’t really understand why the oppo gets it. Much better than losing possession for literally no reason like you are suggesting.