Otis Khan signs

I’m waiting for him to mess up a big scoring chance so that I can say that it’s a Miss Otis Regrets. One for the teenagers out there…


Let’s just hope he’s a master of one then.

Seems he turned down a certain Darrell Clarke :thinking:

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I hope Otis is Reading all these comments.


Can we sign a striker now please, don’t mind a journeyman who can mentor Miller :pray: :grinning:


I want someone like Tommy Mooney

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Does this mean HRK is already down the pecking order even before his anticipated non-signing?


Interesting signing defo cover for the left side, will be in team for Saturday question is his he fit enough for tomorrow trip.

Just seen a video of some of his goals from League 2. A few of the goals looked like he was playing central, although you didn’t see the whole build up so I guess he could have drifted in.

Looking at his stats for left wing, 13 goals and 13 assist’s is a pretty decent return from 67 matches.

I love him already


Two interesting “facts” from Wiki.

  1. Turned down Pakistan cap because he wants to play for England.

  2. Completed that Ninja warrior course on TV in 2016.

Impressive ambition. Impressive fitness.

Welcome Otis.


Might give us a lift…

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I think this will escalate or, maybe not.


Good signing for anagram lovers.

Its a honk.
Stink a ho.

for starters.

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Definitely got my respect for that. :sweat_smile:

Otis in action…


Proven at this level good signing.

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He was impressive for Yeovil when they knocked us out of the cup a few years back. Potentially a good signing and certainly gives us options, will be interesting to see if he’s match fit…

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Let’s hope he’s “Hard To Handle” for the opposition.

I mean I don’t know if he’s any good at football … but Jesus Christ!