Our best team / formation

If you were clarke what would be your first choice team and formation? Seems he changes every week.

Id like to see 4231 played every week as ots always been my favourite formation, seems balanced and focuses on flowing football ober longball

Facey scarr clarke pring
Kinsella Guthrie
Gordon holden mcdonald

Adebayo based on current form and does well on his tod. What you guys think


I’ve championed Adebayo as having more to his game than people give him credit for but I still think, when fit, Lavery is the better option.

And Sadler for Clarke.

Other than that I think there’s no doubt that is our best 11.

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Sadler has been much improved since the sending off at Oldham, gets in ahead of Clarke every time for me. Also believe his guidance gets the best out of Scarr, who is (in my opinion) limited.

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JC would drop out of that line up

And lavs would be in it some how i think

LAvs works too hard and has too much of a good finnish too bench warm

I don’t know if this is an unpopular opinion but Sadler is far too slow now. I’d get rid in the summer


I think i agree but right now hes best CB we have id say…

Maybe Kory or Jules can come into play next season

JC and SAddler are not the answer for next season tho

And tbh sometimes i question if Scarr is…Hes a tower and all that but he hoofs the ball too much.

For an old boy Saddler has done well this season tho and i guess his experience and wise head helps loads in the dressing room

Clarke Scarr Sadler Pring
Holden Kinsella Guthrie McDonald
Gordon Lavery

Whether its 4231 or 442, either work.

Adebayo has been alright the last few weeks, but for me Lavery is the better striker.

If Lavery had the chance Adebayo missed at 2-2 last weekend, would he have scored? Yes.

Does everyone rate JC?

I really dont for some reason…

Hes always too slow too react or points out problems and never deals with them

Add that too all his man handling he does cos he knows hes about too get beat…

Deffo rather have facey who gets forward well and defends like a warrior


I don’t. Considering the stick Cook and Guthrie got/get for being slow/out of shape/fat I’m surprised he escapes the same ire to be honest. And his full back days are way way past him. Still shivering about his display on either side of the pitch against Macclesfield.

But he will keep getting chances because he’s one of Clarkes Boys.

If he is a little on the slow side he makes up for that in his positioning, reading of the game and influence on other players. What he brings to the back line more than compensates for his lack of pace IMO.


Sadler for Clarke and that’s the best line up

Not sure about 4-2-3-1 though

Think Gordon works better up top with Elijah

We aren’t going up or down so I’d throw the kids in. If we lose some games because of that so be it if it helps us develop for next season.


We have looked a lot better since hes been on his game… Commands and reads the danger very well

Facey and Scarr will do well too learn a thing or two off him before he retires!

Seems a very nice genuine guy too, and when speaks on the club’s video’s he speak’s real sense…Id go as far as too say he might even be in a coaching position later in life if he has time with his other business’s he has!


I’d love to start with this against stevenage

Clarke should NEVER, NEVER EVER, play as a full back again.
He’s a good center back but is useless at full back.
I can guarantee that Adabayo is going to start after his last 2 games. No one could drop him.

Only reason id be more hesitant to play sadler is his pace and his unlikely to be here next season while clarke probably will be. Tbh i dont really rate any of the cbs really highly we’ve shipped to many stupid goals across the season and never looked truly solid at the back

I like that mate id love to see nolan and mcdonald either side of gordon

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Why would Adebayo be dropped?

Why would Sadler be dropped?

Why would Nolan come in?

That’s just a team and formation I’d like to see mate,

Jules in for sadler for a bit more height for corners and crosses.

Nolan in for Adebayo I’d just like us to start with 2 out and out wingers for a change.


Against Carlisle he was consistently manhandling his man and it was a surprise he didn’t get penalised more in the first half