Our slowest web

It’s getting more difficult to access the site on match day when we are getting thumped. Keep getting thrown off.

I’m told that you have all the top IT badges Simon, so come on, sort it out or resign.


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He’s gone :rofl::wink:

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Yes I have found that too…perhaps the team could consider winning for a change and then this site would be easy to hit!!!


It’s even worse when we’re winning…

I’m a rubbish site owner at the moment. This is my site and at the moment we’re rubbish.

If UTS can’t handle the server load, then it shouldn’t be a website. It can go and stack shelves at Bescot Banter.

I’m not going to cuddle the site. It knows that. I’m not a cuddling owner.


Don’t worry Simon , it’s keeping up to speed with our striker’s …