Over 60s walking football

Independent saddlers supporters association

It gives Issa football club great pleasure to anounce. That we have yet another team playing under the Issa banner

As We warmly welcome the Issa fc over 60s walking football, team

It’s a pleasure to have Mike, banks and his. Teammates on board , and we look forward to seeing them on the 3G pitch representing Issa football club

It’s also great that the team contains quite a few Walsall FC season ticket holders

The over. 60s side Will represent Issa football club and Will become the fourth side representing the club , Alongside. Issa fc. Issa fc development. And Issa fc under 15 s With all four teams being affiliated to. the staffs fa

The club itself is going from strength to strength And with. It’s current facilities and it’s future planned developments is amongst. The best grassroots facilities within the borough.


This is great. I live in Shropshire and looked into this, but there is an assumption that if your over 60 you aren’t working or retired because the only sessions available are during working hours.