Ownership Survey

There is a survey regarding which professional football team in England has the worst owner.

Opportunity to share with the rest of the country the story of Bonser.



Thanks Pascal, I’ve duly completed and have taken the opportunity in the additional comments section to detail Mr Bonser’s refusal to sell the club to ‘suitable purchasers who had the best interests of the club at heart’.

You will know who I am referring to and who I am :wink:


done low marks from me also blokes a parasite.

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Thanks for that, if i could have voted a minus on every question i would have, i just wish that there could be repercussions from it :slightly_frowning_face:

Done, complete with explanatory comments.

Where do people rank him then?

I was defending his methods a fair bit 18 months ago but seen the light since then due to all the neglect on the playing side since Smith left and also the contempt shown to the paying public in last six months.

Little excitment in his way of running the club on the field. Things would have to go badly wrong for team to get relegated (nearly happened under Whitney) but equally you need a miracle worker to get the club in the championship with the restrictions in place.

Still there are worse owners around. Venkys, Bolton, Blues, Oyston family, Roman Duchelet…

I can only hope that by explaing and publicising the parasitic behaviour of our chairman/landlord to the masses will somehow pressure him into moving on

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Biggus Dickus? He _anks as high as any in Wome!

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somewhere between skeletor and cyril sneer just pips mister burns from the simpsons.


Would be extremely interested to see the results of this…

Interesting piece about Bury in today’s Guardian.

The season they Had Lee Clark they went completely berserk on signing players on wages far too high for the club’s income to cover, and many of those players did not have much in the way of resale value.

Between 2016 and 2018 these are just some of the players they signed:
Anthony Kay
Chris Brown
Chris Eagles
Chris Kirkland
Chris Maguire
Danny Pugh
Eoghan O’Connell
Harry Bunn
Jacob Mellis
James Vaughan
Jay O’Shea
Jermaine Beckford
Joe Murphy
Joe Skarz
Leon Barnett
Michael Smith
Neil Danns
Nicky Clark
Paul Caddis
Stephen Dawson

There is some high earners in there.

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…frow him to the grownd wery wroughly …

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Yet another club struggling financially , yet again taken over by a wealthy businessman !

how come our … " well run club , financially sound , in the black , and role model for other club’s " … can never find anyone willing to buy us ??? … mmmm i wonder , maybe they don’t have the club’s best interest’s at heart …yeah right :thinking:


Darryl Eales recently invested in Solihull Moors with the plan to take them into the football league in near future (they have a decent chance this season of making play offs). He was chairman at Oxford last few years. Birmingham born.

That’s someone who could easily have been on the radar if the owner really was serious about selling up rather than paying lip service.

What could be better than a Walsall born millionaire with experience of club ownership…

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I had no idea he was born in Walsall, something to be proud of :nauseated_face:

Dunno. Oxford finances not in such good shape during his tenure.

They did have a promotion from league 2 in recent times and weren’t far off the top 6 in their first season back in league one but then Michael Appleton left to become Leicester assistant manager and it all fizzled out after that.

Oxford actually have a similar case over an unpopular owner having control of the ground and charging rent. Looked at their forums back in September and they were all desperate to quit the Kassam as even the players hate playing there but can’t find another site close to Oxford and Firoz Kassam isn’t interested in re-negotiating the terms when he sold up.

Done ,like the rest extremely low marks.