Oxford United (A) 22nd Sept, 3pm


Great win, hard fought, looked from the stats that it was a bad tempered affair. Good come back after last weeks demoralising defeat. This squad is made of sterner stuff than we are all used to, keep it up lads.
You never know, stay in the top six and we might get stunning 4.1/2 thousand home fans by Christmas!


Yes, I had the same feeling just watching the ‘Welsh Saddler replying’ at the bottom of the thread. Dread. Then when I read ‘Another late goal…’ :dizzy_face:


"O ye of little faith" :grin::grin::grin:


Welsh get his fact wrong??? I won’t believe it for a second


Welsh never gets a fact wrong - he simply delays the truth for a couple of seconds. And it’s all the BBC’s fault, anyway. :grin:
With my academic hat on, I’m keeping a careful eye for accuracy on his wonderful quotations :wink:
As for The Team, well, it’s just brilliant. To come back from such a home defeat not only not demoralised but rolling up their sleeves and grabbing an away win is fantastic. :grinning:
(PS I hope Newport get promoted. Also, see you all at Bristol)


This is an amazing start. Doesn’t matter how but the question of what happens when we lose a game has its answer…win the next one. Tough game next week, on it goes, very reminiscent of 98/99 so far although its still early days. I wonder when was the last time we went into October unbeaten away?


Next Saturday’s game should please you then - a quotation from the very top!!!


Tell me about it. I get that most weeks.
[/quote] oh well it was a cracking listen in the end :smiley:


I’m loving Ferrier, again celebrating in front of the home fans :joy:
And the celebration of the whole team in front of us was brilliant…love winning away days


[quote=“Welsh_Saddler, post:47, topic:1511”]
Betfair said we scored another, but it’s now back to 0-1
[/quote] Don’t get sucked in Welsh :see_no_evil::joy:


Back in hotel. Deserved win despite the late goal ( again). Defence withstood an arial bombardment in the 1st half.
Standout performances for me were:


Always looked likely to score going forward and Ferrier was unlucky not to get a second, hitting the woodwork twice.


Couldn’t make the game so i won’t comment on individual performances.

But wow another great result … already excited for next Saturday.



Great to see your team win away… 658 saddlers there today sure that helped the lads get the win . Well done to all who made the journey and kept the faith after last weeks disappointment. Up the saddlers​:+1:t2::clap:t2:


Landed in Majorca. Left at 2-0 and was genuinely worried it’d be 2-2 when landing (not sure why). Chuffed we’ve won that one. You can not fault a team for bouncing back, especially away from home. Superb lads! UTS


They look like they can’t stand each other


Just back from the game. A good win, well deserved. Great support and connection between team and fans. Leahy and Ferrier had a great big hug in front of the fans. A lovely day out.


Very happy with that.


Very good performance today.

From looking at Oxford DK got his tactics spot on. Clearly from balls being played early into the wide areas they’d identified a weakness in Oxford’s full backs so benching Cook was correct decision for today as I thought the front 3 + Ismail in the number 10/wide position were all excellent.

My man of the match was Osbourne though. Seems he’s been getting a bit of stick last few weeks but I thought he was a wall at breaking up play and tracking back, used the ball well also.

IMO selling Bakayoko to sign Ferrier will prove to be one of the club’s best transfer decisions in last 10 years. Think he’ll go for a 7 figure fee in next two years but while he’s here I love the passion and desire he has. Could’ve easily had a hat-trick with a bit more luck.

Overall a very good response to last week’s disappointment. Was pretty much end to end from the first minute but I felt Walsall were more secure at the back (apart from the 94th minute!) and that was the big factor in the end.


Cook will get his starts and chip in with goals but today was way it should be done away from home I think, front 3 and Ismail in free role behind caused all sorts of chaos today.

With Cook play can get too static although of course he’ll remain effective against teams who are weak on defending crosses.


So after next weekend it’ll be 10 games into the league season. Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the job that Dean and the squad have done? Even if we lose, the worst that will happen is we drop outside of the playoff positions to seventh place (presuming that everyone else wins). There are issues to fix. Namely late goals, missed chances and yellow cards. However, my expectations have far been exceeded. Well done everyone involved.