Oxford United (A) 22nd Sept, 3pm


Sometimes it’s lovely being a Saddler :smiley:
And don’t that league table look good? :grin:


The way we are setting up (and gaining points) away from home is the most comprehensive element of the turnaround under Keates. It was evident even as early Oldham away last season, and the work over the summer to improve on that has been immense, conceeding too many late goals aside.

The best thing about today’s win is that DK and the squad have reacted to the Doncaster game with a determination to make amends, it’s positively Graydonesque.


Got away with it there? (Sky highlights)



Got away with what?


Yes looks a clear Oxford penalty…but then Ferrier shot was over the line…


That Ferrier rebound is a yard over the line.




The Saddlers keep them out.



So you can say one each for the over the line/penalty.

And the fact that Doncaster has about 3 game changing decisions go their way let week I’d call it swings and round abouts and that we were due. Wouldn’t say we got away with it.


It was a foul throw in the build up to their goal.


People acting like the one over the line was blatant. It’s wasnt. It was close and the ref has to be certain. It’s okay using still images but in real time from the pitch it’s not blatant. Absolutely no issue with that call even though it may have been wrong.

I will say though that Oxford absolutely should have had a penalty. A buzzard decision. Ah well. ■■■■ it. UTS


My opinion is the strikers arm comes across Fitzwater and fouls him causing Fitz to fall. Right decision.


Is that what they call “Fake Hughes” in sunny Wales ??


Could say that about the penalty or even any decision, that the ref has to be certain.

He’s paid to get them right. More to the point so is his linesman who should have a better view.


But it wasn’t exactly a foot over. It’s a matter of inches which in real time would be difficult to see. I have no issue with the ref or linesman not giving it. I can see why they didn’t. The penalty was mental though. Absolutely blatant but after Doncaster last week I think we deserve it going our way.


Why does it matter how far over it is? I’m just saying that having a goal not given that was actually over the line is just as unlucky as not being given a penalty (that isn’t a certainty to score anyway).

Saying we got away with it completely ignored the context of the game considering we should have been 3-1 up and had as many decent chances as Oxford have.

I agree that we were due though.


I didn’t say we got away with it. Just saying it was a penalty. And to be honest I’m not 100% sure even now that it was fully over the line given the camera gives a distorted angle. It’s not as clear cut as is being made out but the ref may/may not have made the wrong call. I honestly don’t know.


No the original poster did. Which is what prompted me to say we were just as unlucky with the ref not giving the goal.


Ah sorry thought you meant I had :grin: