Oxford United (A) 22nd Sept, 3pm


You ignored my question mark.


That was the ref’s opinion too. Fizzy was barged off the ball and the ref gave a free kick. It’s a clear foul.


Now I watch it again that’s absolutely right.


No I didn’t. I asked you to clarify and you sent videos of what you thought might be “getting away with it”.


Interesting to thumb through an Oxford site. A bit like reading UTS last season. And they are not happy with Mr. Robinson.
It’s funny 'cuz it’s not us. :relieved:


I read that too. They are not happy.


Also funny cos it is him.

Four or five years ago him and Smith were seen as the bright young managers in our division. Dean got on with his job. If the cameras came to our place he was affable and open. Whereas Robinson seemed to be on the telly promoting himself at every available opportunity. Happy with the narrative of “bound for bigger things” he just peddled himself at every turn.

Looks like he could be in danger of losing his job at a fourth division bound club. Dean Smith meanwhile still quietly doing the business in the division above. I’m positive Dean will be at a bigger club come the end of the season and I’m 50/50 as to whether Robinson will be in work. Lots of time for him to dispense his wisdom on Sky. But not sure his wisdom is worth a premium anymore.


You should take the time to listen to his interview after the game on BBC Radio Oxford.

Embarrassing, cringeworthy stuff - to put it mildly.


Have a read on an article in the Oxford Mail entitled “All time Low” seems the football club and stadium owner are at loggerheads over money being paid! They have an owner who rakes in rent and also claims to be owed over 600,000 due to unpaid utility bills which the club should pay! The football club can only access the stadium between certain times of the day and are also charged for training on the pitch! Makes you wonder if our benefactor has friends in in the city of dreaming spires!!!


Another Bostin’ result.

Still averaging 2 points a game after 9, so Welshie’s 92 points looking good so far :wink:


As its continuing to look like a Graydonesque type of season, (I really hope so) we got 87 points in that first season promotion.

That total would do very nicely again this season, just short of the dream two points per game average, but surely enough for a top two finish.


This is the moment it hit the floor - looks like a goal to me.
Ah - next time eh? Swings & roudabouts


No way , he was looking for one , right decision


Must say after watching it half a dozen time’s it crossed the line but the Ref didn’t get that chance so i suppose he called it right




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I concur.

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I went to the match with a load of Oxford mates and sat behind the goal with them (You can see me in the that photo :slight_smile:). I couldn’t really have been closer and not one of us even had an inkling that it was over the line in real time.


Sorry but doesn’t look like you went with a load of mate’s looking at the photo :rofl::rofl:


7 blokes, 3 kids and me the lone silent (but very happy) Saddler… :slight_smile: