Oxford winner yesterday

I know it’s a big if, but if we do go down instead of Oxford by two points, check out their 94th minute winner against Bradford yesterday! One of the worst refereeing decisions I have ever seen! If the Football League had any principles, they’d get the game replayed with a different official. On a basis of Law, the goal was 100% wrong. Really, really bad, just confirming the state of refereeing at league one level and below.


Chaos at the Kassam

Shrewsbury’s winner. Not quite so controversial.
Last minute penalty at Shrewsbury

That’s it … get every game with a bad match defining decision replayed :thinking: It’d take you 30 years to finish a season.


The standard of officials are appalling. Over the season they are supposed to work themselves out and if that is the case then I am sure we are due some good fortune soon. That said, the result at Oxford meant that we dropped into the bottom 4, imagine if that was last day of the season. Worrying.

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The difference is that the player that scored admitted that the referee told him that he was disallowing the goal on the linesman’s advice. Mackie said words to the effect that the referee could not disallow a goal of such magnitude and that he had managed to persuade him of this. Mackie was also on a yellow when he jumped into the crowd which is a bookable offence in law. The game had not restarted so he was perfectly entitled to seek assistance. The 4th Official bottled it too. If I had been Bradford’s captain I would have not kicked off until it was explained on a point of law. What would the referee’s assessor have said? To say it was a bad call is not doing justice to the magnitude of the error.

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And to suggest replaying the game is absolutely ridiculous. On par with giving away fans a refund that.

Nit picking ,straw clutchage.

We’m in the poo because of Bonser / Keates / the bogs / a crepe defence . Delete as appropiate.

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That ref is still a burger, though.

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