No way!!!

Wee just came out my pecker

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Involuntarily I should add

This is either a fake post or it’s been deleted?

Can’t find it anywhere on Twitter or Facebook. Jumped the gun or fake post as its the same picture as when Monthe signed.

it had been posted on Facebook then deleted not long after being posted.

Must be a fake damn it lol

If that is a fake then I hope that who has ever done it that their nob drops off!!!


If you think that I fell for this, you’d be absolutely correct.


Obviously fake. That shirt is far too big for him.

Photoshopped. Same image used for Monthe isn’t it?

Dam that was mean

Oh what!! No way… I actually thought this was genuine then. Gutted…

He looked good in a system, even created not for him, but for someone else. If it means Holden gone, this could be possible. And of course no guarantee it will work again, but every player has a 50% chance to be a good signing. I know, when it clicks, it can be a very successful signing. But what if not. And why would the club make some fake news :thinking:

Much as I love Ozzy Osbourne and he obviously has local roots, I am not sure he is the way forward. Maybe I am just Paranoid…


You’re on the Crazy Train.

Stop trying to Sabotage my posts, I am the Master of Reality

It’s alright.