Panic and hysteria

I hope there’s some signings soon because Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now.


you can only look at the facts, fact are;

No assistant manager
one goalkeeping coach
no first team coach
no new players signed
A hard division that gets increasingly difficult each day

but there’s absolutely no need to panic though :+1:


And maybe losing our Captain


yeah forgot to include that as well

If that happens I am done had a season ticket this season nearly didnt but christ lose him and we are in trouble

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I’m inclined to agree, lose donervan and that’s pretty much relegation nailed on. I wouldn’t have renewed if I knew things would be this bad


I am neutral because I haven’t clue what’s going on. The same as everyone else on here. Usual suspects putting down their markers so in 6 months time can say " I was saying this before the season started…" followed by constant reminders of how astute they are.


How many do you want?

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None announced - doesn’t mean we haven’t either already got them in the bag or close to signing on the dotted line. With Sadler (and probably many others involved) not actually in the building for a photo op over the last week or so they might be waiting for all the stars to align before making any official announcements on any new players or staff?

For example, technically DJ does not become a free agent until 30th June so even if it’s a done deal that he comes back here it probably won’t be announced until after then. And that will likely be the case for many other out of contract players (even the ones we’ve released like Monthe, Kinsella and Ladadie where there are strong rumours they have already found other clubs but nothing official has been put out yet). Many of the transfers that have been announced so far will be players with earlier contract end dates or still in contract players where a fee is involved.

And many coaches etc may well be taking the chance of a break of their own like Sadler did (why would they rush back if there is no coaching to be done yet?)

I’m with @RAMSEYSADDLER on this, but of course, all the Cassandras out there (or Debbie Downers for those not familiar with classical history) are free to ignore that and spin it out that no announcements as yet means there won’t be any full stop.


And the only transfer rumour is that we are set to lose our captain and best defender! Great- what could there possibly be to be concerned about? I can’t believe how bad the Comms are at the Saddlers - not even a holding response like: Mat Sadler has identified some transfer targets and we are in discussions. But no, there is complete radio silence, not even news of a signing that will be a “complete game changer” - although I think we are still waiting for him from last season!! Is it time for another letter?!!


the signing of players I can agree with you, I’m not losing sleep over that. What I am concerned about however is the complete radio silence from the club after what was supposed to be “incremental changes” yes Rome wasn’t built in the day but it’s concerning and we have every right to question things if they don’t seem to add up.

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Totally agree. We could be about to embark on an amazing pre season for all we know. But again, any cynicism or worry is perfectly justified and is certainly not worth calling out as unreasonable

Bit of a silly, pointless post all round imo, from a poster that last week that labelled Walsall fans impatient.

Cloud cuckoo land :cloud::bird:

I’m more Rodney than Cassandra! This time next year, Rodders, we’ll be in League 1!!

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OK, it is a 24/7 “rolling news” world that we live in now and maybe that is what people are coming to expect from all aspects of life, but I (and I suspect many others - especially those of a certain age who grew up in a different world) are comfortable with Walsall not fitting in with that - it just doesn’t bother me that we aren’t getting something posted on the OS or social media every 5 minutes.


Where have I posted that?

The OP, not you

As others have said in the modern day age of social media you dint go for weeks without communicating with people. It’s piss poor and the criticism of Trivela is 100 pct justified

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@Stourbridge_Saddler @SaddlerSteve

Scraping the barrel now but:

To the tune of “Handsome Devil”

“Let me get my hands… on your fluorescent drawstring bags”

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Thanks Leigh, but I’ll stick to being slightly concerned that after sacking Flynn over 8 weeks ago we still haven’t got an assistant sorted.

It just reeks of no planning, and this is where Trivela will go wrong if they don’t sort it out and learn quickly.


They are too busy working out how to slash costs to get the mortgage paid asap so they can secure what they came here for