Panic and hysteria

I have never known such panic and hysteria at Walsall and unjustified criticism of our new owners. We are only in early June, with the transfer window only opening, formally, a couple of days ago. I am sure Trivella are reading our message boards but are holding their nerve regarding making suitable announcements regarding Management and new signings. None of us know what is going on in the background, but plenty are speculating about complete inaccuracies and rubbish rumours. What do people want Trivella to communicate when confidentiality is key to new signings and Management appointments?
As for the griping that we did not sign a 29 year old, injury prone, journeyman, on a three year contract that will cost in the region of £750 k, really give your heads a wobble.
I would guess that positive news will be flowing from this week onwards, so keep your nerve and swop your criticism for a little faith.


Calm down mate, you are sounding a bit hysterical to me.:smile:


Glass is half full

Do we even own a glass?! :joy:

We sure do, and it will soon be overflowing

I thought this might be a thread about your favourite single of the 1980s, by The Smiths, and your favourite album of the same decade, by Def Leppard.


Think you’re getting confused with the bogs mate.


We have one on loan.

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This is one of those big statement posts that could make the poster look like a right silly sausage :hotdog:

There was a similar one celebrating Michael Flynn’s ‘acheivements’ and celebrating that the club had finally been ‘turned around’ in January.

I dont see any hysteria, just perfectly justified concern over something that all means so much to us. We all put time, effort and money into this organisation and after the last few years any cynicism is absolutely fine by me until we see the actions to prove otherwise


Surely the Smiths single for the bogs would be “Reel Around The Fountain” :thinking:

Hysteria and panic is the modern way. Keeping a calm level head is a rare thing in 2023.


Or “Hand in Glove”.

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With the lyrical genius of Moz, im sure there is probably a reference to “fluorescent draw string bags” aswell :joy:

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“There is a light that never goes out” or That Joke isn’t Funny Anymore" ? :joy:

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With the endless silence coming out of the club many fans are asking whether it’s Bonser, Pomlett or Trivela… What Difference Does it Make?


I’m thinking ‘Cemetery Gates’ is an apt Smiths song at present with two sides of the argument, but whose side are Keats and Yeats on as Wilde is on mine :smiley:

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You can’t be suprised that Walsall fans panic when all we have known is pain and suffering
When you are raised one way how can you be expected to see the world a different way


It is a truly heart warming sight to behold that not all Walsall FC The Venue and Football Club customers are panicking. A great read here. I have to agree that hysteria and panic does indeed seem to be the modern way, if you visit any Division 4 Football Clubs’ internet forums as of today you will see similar; Notts County, Wrexham, Bradford City, Swindon, Tranmere etc. All in absolute meltdown right about now.

I can confirm that all of these clubs are very poorly ran, at least as Walsall FC The Venue and Football Club customers, we all have the comfort of knowing we have new owners steeped in football knowledge and British football culture knowhow. They have appointed a manager that every other one of those clubs mentioned above would have wanted and signed if they could have pulled off the stunning coup. There is new, exciting tangible structure being put together that we can all see and appreciate in plain sight. And if all doesn’t quite go according to plan, there are those bastions of Walsall Football Club excellence and high achievement to tap into, Pappa Pomlett, Daniel Mole and Steffan Gamble. There is absolutely no way this can go wrong.

Please, let’s allllll pull together and enjoy this exciting experience. Get your season tickets and make sure that if you do know a negative supporter, you let them know that we are in the best hands we possibly could be.


Hear, hear!


Don’t panic Captain Mainwaring.

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