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I promise this is my last appeal to you all. For this year anyway lol

At our last home game prior to Christmas. Macclesfield 14th December

Issa will be purchasing a quantity of Christmas bags, which will each contain a tin of quality biscuits and a bottle of wine
These will be presented to our older fan base I’e pensioners present at the game

If other fan groups or individual fans wish to be part of it, then they can donate a bag or bags if wished , containing said two items
But as said biscuits must be in a tin , not individual packets

I have already spoken with Dan mole and club and club have offered to support this initiative

So far this year Issa. Has delivered its members with there own club house I’e railway. Prior to games, and cheap coach travel to away games

Helped out our disabled fan base

Helped out grass roots kiddies football in the comunity

Presented. Easter eggs to our junior fan base

Helped ex manager Chris Nicholl and his fellow residents of the assisted living accommodation he resides at

So the last thing we wanted to achieve this calendar year , was to do something for our older fanbase, and provide them with a little Christmas gift , And let them know. How much we appreciate them, let’s face it it’s probably down to some of these fans. As to why a lot of us follow the saddlers in the first place

As said Issa will be providing a quantity of. Theses gift bags. But others are more than welcome to add to them if wished
Anyone wanting to can bring there bag to the railway club any Thursday night between 8 pm and 9 30 pm. Or prior to any Saturday home game. Before. The Macclesfield one

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Apologise in advance if these sort of posts have to be run past admin etc. Beforehand will take down if. Not allowed

But as said all fan groups or individual fans are welcome to play a part in Issas plans for this. Presentation if wished

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Brilliant idea :clap: great to see Dan Mole and the club getting behind ideas like this too. Can really help to strengthen that very much weakened bridge between club and fans. Well done!


Credit where credit is due, Dan Steph and the club have been very supportive of the idea. , and have been very helpful in it getting off the ground
And will be nice to show our. Older fans. How much they are apreciated, by there fellow fan, even if it is there fault we are saddlers lol


Absolutely brilliant idea and one I hope many will support!

I’m surprised the club didn’t try and claim it was their idea…they do with everything else.

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Anyone wanting to support can bring a bag containing the two items to railway club any Thursday night between 8 pm and 9 30 pm. Or before any Saturday home game again at railway club prior to the macclesfield game taking place

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Will drop a couple off tonight mate… well done to Issa for putting this into place and everyone else involved, superb to see… Steve and Kerry.

Cheers mate and thank you both for your continued support, It REALY is apreciated by all involved with Issa

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