Peter Clarke - Leaving Explanation


Bit of perspective from Peter there. When things at the football club seem important to us fans, there are more important things in life. Im glad things are getting better for Peter’s wife :+1:


Totally un needed but says alot about his character he wanted to say his piece. Fair enough.


Glad to hear his wife is on the road to recovery.


Fair play for the role Michael Flynn played looking at bigger picture - some things are more important.



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I do hope this is the start of a regular “Why I left the Saddlers” series from ex-Walsall players.


Big respect to Peter Clarke giving an explanation on his departure when he didn’t have to. Flynn also deserves a lot of credit for the way he dealt with the situation. Most importantly I’m glad Peter’s wife is in better health.


Ash Taylor next please x
Glad Clarkes wife is getting better good man x

Good of Clarke to write this. I think both he and Andy Williams were probably good guys to have around, even if it did not work out. I suspect both will become coaches.

It does show how we do not know the personal circumstances of players - they have the same human difficulties we all have but their work is in front of thousands of spectators and a TV camera.


Puts it all into perspective. Fair play to Peter and fair play to Michael Flynn and the club.

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I went to Leamington for a pre season game when he first came to us and before the game I was leaning against the fence and he came up to me and started chatting. My impression was of an extremely nice genuine man.
It’s quite sad what happened but to hear his good lady is on the mend is lovely news. I wish him and his wife all the very best.

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Was he playing that much, I thought he was just coming on as sub at end of games so people were questioning whether this was a good use of resources.

However shows the BTS perspective of why players sometimes can’t show their best on the pitch so right decision for him to cut down travelling up and down the M6 and support his Wife more and seems 12 months on she’s in better health.

Was a good defender, just signed a few years too late as usual by this club. Would’ve been a superb replacement for Andy Butler or even when O’Connor was discarded.

Fair play, it wasn’t needed but it’s good to get some perspective and glad his wife is on the mend.

Looking forward to the Makris episode in this series.


Clarke and Flynn both good people and it’s a huge shame it didn’t work out at Walsall for them.


I offered him a burger at that game, he laughed and said he had already had one (jokingly) :joy: