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Peterborough United (A) Dec 22nd, 3pm


Now that sounds like Bonser talking :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Fantastic performance. Also well done for DK for proving me (maybe not for the first time some would say) hopelessly wrong as I honestly thought playing 4-4-2 would lead to a thrashing especially when I saw who was playing in it at 2.00pm.

They were all at it from the first minute and made a probable top 6 team look very average. In fairness keep their tricky front players quiet and their defence and midfield options are pretty poor.

Shout out to Fitzwater. Him and Guthrie just looks such a better partnership.

Osbourne was excellent before his injury, him and Kinsella broke up play so well.

I can see why people like Gordon on here. Might not be a 10-15 a season striker but the work he puts in is fantastic. Also vital if you’re playing two out and out strikers one can drop deep and link with midfield and he knows how to do that.

Shame Leahy couldn’t slot in the pen. I always feel for last minute ones going down the middle is the safe option as the keeper pretty much all dives. His run up was too easy to read.

Yes it’s disappointing losing Ginnelly but Morris had some good runs today and Ismail will come back into the team in next week so don’t think things are that bad out wide although another loan signing is needed to keep numbers up.

Finally thought the ref was abysmal. I normally do a shrug of the shoulders when they make poor decisions but when in the second half a ball skimmed off the Posh CB’s head right infront of him and he still gives them the throw in, I was out of my seat along with the other 200 odd and rightfully giving him stick. Would like to see the equaliser again aswell as Roberts did seem boxed in by their players.

Anyway a very winnable game up next at home to Bristol Rovers so hopefully onwards and upwards.


Always happy to be proved spectacularly wrong chap!

Not for the first time I fell for hype about a Steve Evans team.


Play offs very long shot. I’m just happy with getting 50 points by start of March and continue with getting more good performances. Won’t take long with more performances of standard of today.

That was all round best performance since September I think. (Barnsley away)


Again stats can be misleading… apart from o.k period for 15 minutes after second half Posh were rubbish.

There were actually some good Walsall corners for a change, radical stuff like not floating it, beating the first man and aiming it centrally with pace.

Guthrie nearly scored first five minutes but keeper blocked it on the line and there were other scrambles.

Just a day when so many shots were somehow blocked by the keeper or a defender on the 6 yard box. Walsall could easily have scored five today.


Sides like Posh just pack their teams with loads of forwards so they can outscore teams if neccesary. I was amazed how mediocre their central midfielders and whole back 4 was (in fairness their RB battled hard against Morris and Ferrier). Really little difference between two teams in those areas.

Apparently they are re-signing Lee Tomlin on loan from Cardiff in January and paying 20% of his wages so you have him, Dembele, Toney, Maddison and Godden all in the mix so that shows you what a top 6 budget is at this level nowadays.


Morris, Kouyar plus other younger players?


Downloadable version


Was at a party last night, and a Posh fan was there. As I sit here with my mild hangover I chuckle. He was so confident of three points. Well done the lads.


All not good enough for a mid table side


Chap! Nicest thing I’ve been called on here!

Honestly they did well. I wish Leahys pen went in but who doesn’t. Bottom line is they did fine and will be fine. I’m off to enjoy the night


Well done boys picked yourselves up from last weeks awful display . And showed the pride in wearing the saddlers shirt . Should have won today … let’s not dwell on that tho. You did us proud effort and commitment that’s all we want this year… then next year we will take the next step forward. UTS …p.s well done Deano put a smile back on my face :grin::grin::grin::grin:


Pleased and disappointed at the same time. Good point, and performance by the sounds of it, however, feels like 2 points squandered in the end missing the penalty, which would have netted me £150. I’m not bitter though :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I for one had this as a nailed on loss, i don’t think i will place a bet on us or against us again this season :zipper_mouth_face:, well done AGAIN saddlers for proving quite a few of us wrong. But we must really start to pick these teams off because it may make all the difference come the end of the season.


Great performance yesterday, very unlucky not to have won. All the team played well but special mention to Cookie , who lead the line well and Gordon for his non stop running and hold up play.
Terrible ref again that gave us nothing except the cast iron penalty. Onwards and Upwards.