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Peterborough United (A) Dec 22nd, 3pm


Still poor.


Been our best player all day but alright.


Cook just missed two sitters by the way.


Full time and it ends 1-1.

At the start of the match that would have been a positive sign, but to miss a penalty… well …


Would have taken a point before kick off. Always disappointing to miss a penalty so late on though!


It is what it is.

We are a mid table side - difference between us and the teams higher up is there is that extra bit of class that finishes teams off, and less silly errors.

We aren’t a bad side, we are a good side - but just missing that bit of something special.


Pleased with a point but it should have been 3…chances missed yet again. Anyway this result should boost us for the tough matches ahead.


Attendance at Peterborough today was 7,243, by the way.


A great point that most predicted we wouldn’t get.

People will focus on the penalty miss but truth is if our strikers put away their chances (most created by Leahy) it wouldn’t have been needed in the first place.

Better team first half. More even on second but it was a good performance.

Pretty much proved what any level headed person has said about this team. That it’s a mid table team playing this inconsistent football that is doing way better than predicted.


31 points at the half way point. I think most would have taken that in July

Upward and onward.


Bet he won’t rush to grab the ball the next time we get a Penalty…:grinning:


Ee’s gorra gew Franksy … :innocent:


You sure Welsh?Has it been independently certified…:joy:


Looks like we should have won.


Frustrating. We are missing the ability to kill teams off. Any money we get for Ginnelly has to be spent on a decent striker. I would expect £250k at least for Ginnelly - we could use this to fund a decent striker on loan. Talking of loans: we should look to keep Fitzwater and release Martin - he has made us worse. We need at least 7 points from the next 3 games.


We need to replace Ginnelly for that. Wilson’s not a winger.


We will accept 50k for ginnely as his contract as usual is up at the end of the season. We should give 2 year contracts that’s the only way to build a team it’s so frustrating. No doubt we will let Roberts and kinnsella’s contract run down as well :angry::angry::angry::angry::angry:


I wouldn’t have given more than 1 year on his previous performances. It was the right decision in my view and it is only recently that he has shown some promise. I regret him going but he is not irreplaceable. Cook,Ferrier,Gordon were all given at least 2 years and Dobson has recently extended his contract. I expect we are negotiating with Roberts and Kinsella but these days the players and their agents rule. I also would be offering new deals to Guthrie and the full backs!!!


A very good point but we really should have won it.

A good display. Very good reaction to last week.

UTS and Merry Christmas.


Even if its only £50,000,it also give’s us scope to get a new face in in January, with the wage bill going down a bit.