Retweet from posh chairman. I know he gets a bit of stick on twitter but what a refreshing change to have someone who engages with the fans. Not sure he’s seen our recent results with this post though😂

Trust me… we will to our very best. First up is tough tough game against Walsall who fighting for their lives. End of season is thrilling stuff. Good luck :+1:t2:

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‘FIGHTING for their lives’??? Oh how I laughed.


The away at Posh was easily one of the best attacking performances all season, should’ve scored 4-5 goals that day and Cook was superb leading the line second half.

Leahy penalty miss was a massive moment in the season as what followed was a dreadful home game with Bristol Rovers and performances then spiralled out of control.

Peterborough will be one club happy to see the back of Walsall. Not won at Bescot since 2010 I think and also a terrible home record in same period so ironic them being the ones to do the execution.

What goes around comes around, we relegated them at their place in 2005. Seem to remember our fans taking the proverbial, then we got relegated the following season!!


Tinpot non league outfit who knocked us out the cup…revenge will be sweet.

We’m a dead parrot!