Play-off dreams over?

Hi all, our latest episode discusses the play-off dream being all but over.

We look at what went wrong, whether we have exceeded expectations, Ben Boycott’s reaction to the defeat, plus we look at the appointment of new CEO Ben Sadler.

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Listened on the way to work this morning. Was another good listen. Happy Birthday too!

Regarding Jim O’Connor, if we were to get him back in, in what capacity do you think this would be in?

I imagine there will be many birthdays to come for the Yellow Ribbon podcast (sponsored by Brellis recruitment).
Just thought I’d pop that one in boys :grin::+1:.
Enjoyed it and look forward to hearing the end of season review.

5th choice striker ahead of DJ

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Get rid of Byfield. To much time hassling officials

I know we won’t go up but provided Doncaster don’t win tonight, I think we do mathematically still have a chance on Saturday which would make it a much more exciting afternoon.

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Stranger things have happened

Could finish 7th or Eleven


To be pedantic, it is still possible to finish between 6th and 13th

Can’t finish 6th as that requires Barrow to lose tonight to Donny which puts them on 70 points. Unless my maths is wrong

Theoretically we could over take Barrow but need them to lose both games by about 2 or 3 goals and us to win by 2 or 3

Yes but a Doncaster win tonight puts them out of our reach which would leave 7th place as the highest we could get.

Barrow played Doncaster on Saturday. Barrow are playing Bradford tonight

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It was a Stranger Things reference :smile:

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My bad. As the young’uns would say.

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If I’ve got it right I think anything tonight other than Barrow + Doncaster wins, or Barrow/Bradford draw and Doncaster win, and we’ll have something to play for on Saturday. Mathematically anyway - it’ll still be a huge ask to win and have 4 other results go our way.

I think best case for us tonight would be a Bradford win and Doncaster loss. Then we’d be 3 behind Barrow in 6th and 2 behind Crawley in 7th, and Doncaster and Bradford just ahead too.

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Grant Mcann serves the first of a 2 game touchline ban tonight for donny…lets hope it disrupts the momentum.

We certainly have a mountain to climb.

You might say that we’ll be running up that hill…


If all this doesn’t go our way I’m ready to consult the legal profession and explore all avenues.


You have Nuno idea what you’re talking about!

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