Play Off Semi Final v Notts County 1988

OTD 32 years ago the start of what became a 5 game journey to reaching Div 2. Who went to Meadow Lane on that Sunday afternoon?


Great afternoon.
The only downside was getting out afterwards. I can clearly remember being crushed up against a fence and for a short time I was seriously worried. Only time I have ever felt like that.

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I’d forgotten that County had a few quite big names in their side, players who had been around a bit and had decent careers. A couple of them have Saddlers connections of course.
The only one I’m drawing a blank on and can remember nothing about is Wayne Fairclough who you mention in your report.

Yes was there. On the morning it was the 10k run. One of many events organised for the Centenary year. Think it was RoK with the pass to Kelly for that amazing back heel flick.

Sorry just looked at you tube last pass was Shakey after RoK.

If someone scored that goal in the Premier league there’d be gallons of jism all over the T.V studio floors, the pundits would be ecstatic and they would talk about it for years. Of course when a lower league player does it, then it has to be a fluke.

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Very true.

Talking of names am I right in thinking the future ‘Wally with the brolly’ played for Bristol in the final?

He did.
I was thinking as well how nice it was to get one over on John Barnwell by beating County - but my goodness, he got his revenge on us didn’t he.

With interest sadly.

Brilliant afternoon in the sunshine that was I do remember they tried to rough us up

I remember the Forest fans in with the County if i’m not mistaken

OTD in 1988 we reached our first ever Play Off Final…

Match highlights

I was there and always thought Kelly’s 1st goal was sheer class and not a fluke.

Same here

The way he said it to me … a fluke! He was laughing when he said it too.

You can see brief highlights of both legs amongst this little lot.

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