Player Of The Season 23/24

Bit harder this year than it has been in the past - to me there have been quite a few who have played well without any of them particularly standing out (and several contenders missing large portions with injury hasn’t helped).

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Player of the season Brandon Comley
Young player Dave or Jackson smith.

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Hutchinson and McEntee/Smith

Hutchinson and Smith for me.

Hutchinson and McEntee.

Comely a great shout for POTS but I’d go for Hutch and Jacko.

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Amazed Hutchinson is getting a shout, maybe he improved in the games I missed.

Liam Gordon by an absolute mile for me. Can count the poor performances on about 2 fingers, vital to our transition, immaculate in defence. I think he is very good for this level. Smith U23


When he plays well, we play well.

22 goal contributions for a midfielder is a great return, bettered by only ten or so players in the English top four divisions.

And three of those are Haaland, Watkins and Salah.


Liam Gordon has dropped off massively in recent weeks not surprised really looks exhausted played alot of football since his bad injury not really had chance rest up.


:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: shows how many games you actually go to :rofl:

Yep and when he’s poor, he’s really really poor.

I think he is the most talented player in this squad by a mile, but of the games I saw he wasn’t our best player this season. As I say, missed the last few though.

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Plenty mate :slight_smile:

Best player by a country mile this season. His output has improved - and just class.

Liam Gordon has been a bit meh for me.

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Comley for me played the way that position should be played breaking play up shielding the defence and playing the simple ball to whoever is available improved immensely this season young player of the season Jackson smith could be the next wacka for me


As a huge Brendan Cumley fan my vote is gong his way, sheer class, massively underrated and no coincidence our best form has come when he’s returned from injury.

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Yeah i agree, but since Christmas he’s been great.

Wrexham at home, Grimsby away, Harrogate away, Mansfield at home off the top of my head all games where he was probably the best player on the pitch.

I’m aware. Not sure how anyone can come to that conclusion but there we are.

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That is probably why. That’s pretty much when I had to stop going. To that point, overall he’d been distinctly average, swinging wildly from excellent to terrible.

Same with you about Hutchinson. Bizarre.

Has to be Hutch considering the season as a whole.

Could make a case for a different best player for each month, which I can’t recall saying was possible for a long time.