Plymouth Argyle (A) 24th Aug, 3pm

Just going on previous performances, I do believe we will turn it around once we find the right formation and tactics and all the players start to gel. I’d be happy with a mid table finish this season as long has I can see progression through the season. We’ve got our club back, weve got a great owner, a very talented manager, and great bunch of hard working players, and the fans are slowly coming back, the futures bright. We just need patience which I will have plenty of this season, just hope everyone else does too

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I think we would need to score a couple of goals to come away with a result, and as we can’t score unfortunately I see a 2/3-0 defeat.

We went down on a GD of one. So probably would have . Remember Merson decided in his first game at Norwich to go for all out attack," cos I don’t know how to defend." Result? 5 -0 .

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Merscum the worst manager and human being to be involved at Walsall football club. Morally corrupt.
Even as a player he disappeared during the season to ‘rehab’ ■■■■■■

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Blaming Merson himself is to me like blaming a child for crashing a car. It’s the fault of whoever gave them the keys.


I cannot disagree but does not take the responsibility for his actions from him the man. An alcoholic drug taking bum.

Sorry but I couldn’t disagree more with that, and I reply as someone with close personal tragic experience of addiction and its consequences, so I’m not just being un-sympathetic, or anti-Merson for the sake of it. Merson wasn’t a child for a start, he was an adult, one with a huge amount of experience in general life and his chosen profession, both the good bits and the bad bits. He’s had his own problems, and he’s been around others with problems. He chose to become a manager when offered the chance, he could have been honest and said that he didn’t feel in the right place to take on that responsibility, OR he could have made the effort necessary to give the role what it needed and used that as a mindset to improve himself as an individual going into his future. He CHOSE to do neither, reverted to type, and sent himself on a familiar downward slope (which he knew the likes of Sky would be waiting to catch him when he needed a well-paid cushy job), and Walsall FC went down the pan with him. Yes Bonser was massively to blame as he owned and ran the football club, but Merson has to take responsibility for what he did. Nothing but a lazy, stupid person, who when given the chance to be something other than lazy and stupid, chose lazy and stupid all day long.


Addiction is a terrible thing I agree and for the underprivileged who do not have the where with all to try to get help it’s tragic. Now Merson an over privileged spoilt brat who has never had to do a days work in his life but had millions of pounds in salary I have no sympathy at all.
My other reference was the way that he treated hard working relatively lowly paid footballers under his care. I am told on good authority that he treated Ian Roper appallingly. Why because he could do add bully to the list.

Oh and by the way for all his problems he still kept picking up the cheques !!.

A Plymouth win, due in no uncertain terms that we cannot score.

My inner 12 year old says 2-0 to the Larrys. Gordon early on and a late Kinsella jobby. My grown-up self is unavailable for comment.

1-0, after Adebayo will score his first goal.

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Lots of huff and puff leading to 2-0 defeat but we will double our shots on goal to 2 !

Gordon in for Lavery
Liddle in for Hardy
CCM in for Pring

That line-up is sooo negative :frowning:

I presume Pring is injured as he is not on the bench.

That’s the thing that keeps niggling me about this squad - Guthrie didn’t last the full 90 in our opening game and hasn’t been seen since, Holden has had a couple of cameos and now doesn’t even make the bench, and the latest one to be unfit is Pring. What are they doing in training as didn’t see any of the missing take a whack while playing? Or is it just the tinkering nature of Clarke that we’ve been warned about?

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Is Pring injured? Or is he just being “rotated”?

Although we know Clarke likes to keep his cards close to his chest, not.knowing anything about what is going on with Guthrie, in particular, as well as Holden and now pring doesn’t help fans as well as help to prevent any Matt jarvis rumblings from the fans again.

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If DC is going to be over negative,I’d rather he did it on away games rather than home games.