Plymouth next away game. Who's gooin?

Can’t see us taking the amounts we’ve taken to Northampton and Crewe, but should should still be a good 4/500.

I’ll be there :grin:

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No more than 350 surely. I’ll be there as I live in Plymouth.

I’ll be there - and back in HK on the Monday.


Bloody hell there’s some traveling there mate :wink:

I’m going. Was going to stay over for the weekend but this months an expensive one as it is so just going for the day!

I’ll be there WeTravel near and far UTS

I hope you see some better football before you back…what a disappointing few marches you have had to endure. Anyway have a safe journey home.

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Going Friday with the family 5 of us stopping over for the night in Bristol Friday nite. Then on to Plymouth Saturday morning a nite in Plymouth then spend the day on the beach Sunday morning ( we pray for hot weather) then travelling back late Sunday afternoon. UTS.


5 of you…who’s not going then,Lucie?

Having a refuel on Bank Holiday Monday?:beers:

Going Friday night and staying until Monday.

I have now received my ticket, so I will be there. Not sure what to expect

Unfortunately I won’t be going, my selfish sister in law has decided to have a wedding anniversary party on Saturday I was hoping for rain as it’s outside :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:, but anyone staying there the premier inn Sutton harbour is nice, last time we stayed there we got 2 free nights, one because the first room we stayed in the guy above us decided to walk a marathon around the room at 3 in the morning and kept us awake, so we got a free night because of their good night sleep policy, so they moved us for second night, but didn’t bother to update the room allocation, so as my wife was standing doing her hair in the buff, a couple came walking in with their cases :see_no_evil:, so as an apology we got the second night free the offer of a meal and a nice bottle of wine, that should please @Exile :grin:, there is a lovely sit down fish and chip shop as you walk over the bridge by the sea life centre, and a pasty shop that will sell you beautiful frozen pasties to take back to the midlands with you, with instructions on how to cook them from frozen, Ivor Dewdney, so take a cool bag :+1:

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Birmingham to Plymouth for the match. Manchester to HK on Sunday.


Will be there from Saturday until Monday.

Was contemplating it but the three figure train cost when I looked last week means it’s a no from me.

You could get it cheaper on ‘’ - it might bring the price down a bit

I’ll be there with the missus - had to bribe her with a trip to the gin factory ! :crazy_face:


I’m contemplating going… will cost me zilch to get there which is what is tempting me, otherwise the 6 hours journey and £130 train plus hotel cost for anyone else to get down there with me is putting me off. May see how we do tomorrow night before booking a ticket.

You may both need a few :joy: