Poll: Expectations 2018/19


So, what are your current expectations for the new season?

  • Promotion
  • Playoffs
  • Top-ten
  • Mid-table
  • Lower Mid-table
  • Survival Battle (Successful)
  • Relegation

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Ever the optimist - lower mid-table.



Based on what I am seeing as of now - relegation. This may change between now and the end of August.


The transfer window doesn’t close until 9th August - maybe it will just be a tough first match.

Let’s hope something happens.


Based on now… relegation. With new players, bottom half/dogfight.


I notice that only Benny Hill thinks we will get promotion :joy::joy::joy:


I am surprised that one of the most repected posters on here has gone for us getting promoted??? :hushed: i will not say who it is but maybe the water has been doctored in Blaenau Ffestiniog :joy:


20th place. Any place above will be considered as a success. Any place below will be a disaster.


22nd according to Coral.


Why no win as champions option?

The voting has been corrupted and influenced by negative thought waves, probably sponsored by the Russians.


Sunderland should walk this league with the money they’ve got. But they’ve made a strange managerial appointment and lots of equally strange signings. Anything could happen but they’re certainly not as nailed on as they should be. Everybody thinks Accrington are going to struggle, personally I think they’ll be top 6, although their players are being poached somewhat. Burton are going down, Scunthorpe are going to struggle. and I reckon Rochdale and Blackpool will be this season’s surprise teams. That’s my two-peneth.


I think Sunderland will have a slow start but then pick up speed for promotion.


A bit like Blackburn last season.