PomCast - 24.01.22

Latest video update from the Chairman.

Cheeky flash of vest, nice. Upping his game!


Bizarre timing. More or less reading out the minutes to the ISSA meeting! Why couldn’t he do this a week or two ago?


It seems to me they’re trying to put their slant on the minutes answers having failed to have them fully revised.

Trying to get it out to the wider fanbase before the minutes get shared more widely.


Had he not originally said he would go once we were in the Championship (!?) , rather than L1 ?

My recollection is that he said it would need someone with more experience and money to look at promotion to the championship.

Mardy attempt to verify the stuff they tried to get redacted. Strange defensive behaviour.


So basically…

  1. reference to the pesky freehold through gritted teeth, and subsequent progress which has to remain a secret.
  2. Reference to the big push to L1 without literally any evidence whatsoever on the pitch in respect of recruitment, results, style of play, young players coming through, or the undeniable fact that wherever we find ourselves come the summer it will be another huge squad rebuild.
  3. This constant reference to the fact that we need to be in L1 in order to attract investment at board level. Why exactly? We were told this 3 seasons ago, and its been repeated several times.
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More like so he can sell up for a nice profit.

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Baseless waffle, cloud cuckoo land ramblings, or tactical deflection

Whatever you choose to believe, the outcome is exactly the same.


Find it strange the contents of the video is wholly based around the minutes gate meeting knowing those minutes would be published today anyway.

You can see his frustration throughout and deflation at the end with the whole situation. It obviously hurts him because he cares and does have the best intentions but he sometimes doesn’t do himself any favours. I really do want it to work out for him but that doesn’t change my stance on this board. We’ve been on a downward decline for the last 20 years and I just can’t see a way out of it. I really hope they can prove me wrong, ‘cause at the end of the day, we all just want the club to succeed.


Load of old waffle.

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Found it aggressive, but he’s entitled to a defence.

boring video from a boring clueless man. No more money Pombear. Deal with the hand you were played and that you bought might I add. Sack the suits whose job you should be doing anyway and that would add 300k to the playing budget a year. USELESS CLOWN.

Back off!


Nothing of anyone real substance about the questions we are most interested in:

What the hell is happening on the pitch Leigh. Not a word, bar some deluded thoughts about getting promoted this season.


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More than a hint of sarcasm regarding the free hold was interesting. You could read it as exasperation (over fans being frustrated that something discussed three years ago is no closer to happening), or you could read it as somebody who doesn’t want to talk about a topic they know will come back to bite them.

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Do you think that is because most fans go to the club for their info than come on here or ISSA’s site? As someone remarked on the Exeter match thread, most of the general fan population weren’t even aware of it (or not particularly bothered if they did know).

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lets just repeat what was said in the minutes so it looks like it was my idea and being the great communicator :shushing_face:

Not one glimpse of hope or of change.

He is in a corner he can’t get out of. Either because he can’t or doesn’t want too.

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