Port Vale (H) EFL (Checkatrade) Trophy, Tue 13th Nov, 7.00pm


Port Vale yellow card, 11 minutes


Wasn’t going to bother listening but find myself doing so. John Ward is an excellent summariser.
£10,000 if we win the group so worth being top.


i aint had it yet lol, but no doubt it will do when i eventually put in for it lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


getting overrun in midfield at the moment


about 1000 there as a guestemate


Walsall yellow card, 24 minutes




At the half-hour mark, stats are Walsall 1 shot (on target) … Vale 2 shots (both on target … Walsall 4 corners, Vale 0 corners…


whatever the stats, we look very poor going forward.


Equaliser right on half-time … Saddlers 1 Vale 1


connor johnson


Terrible performance so far by the second string. No ideas in the final third.

Johnson got the goal but the centre halves have been bossed by their centre forward and I hope we never have to rely on Dunne.

Some decent touches from Ronan and Gordon has been lively but those are the only pluses.

But ultimately, none of this matters.


Walsall substitution to start the 2nd half…


It does if you put a bet on us when we were losing.:stuck_out_tongue:
How’s Ferrier doing after not playing on Saturday?


I was just about to cash in on “less than 3 goals” when we equalised!! Let it run now …


done nothing :neutral_face:


Looks like he doesn’t give a ■■■■


Walsall’s 2nd yellow card, 49 min (and it’s the same player, so it’s a RED!!)


And been pushed off the ball to easy.


Red Card, that’s my cash out knackered.