Port Vale (H) EFL (Checkatrade) Trophy, Tue 13th Nov, 7.00pm


we have played badly with 11 men


Walsall’s 2nd substitution, 56 minutes …


If we can hang on for the 90 minutes it will go straight to penalties.


For a player that you would think would be busting a gut to prove himself at League One level he does seem to have drifted off it alarmingly after an interesting start. Where Cook looks to have settled down and found a level to build from Ferrier doesn’t (yet). Still when your picking up players from lower leagues not every one will work out I suppose.


And at the start of the season he looked the better of the two?


Latest from Moss Rose … Macclesfield 2 Baggies U-21 1


Port Vale back in front … 1-2 now :disappointed_relieved:


mistake by wilson


Terrible defender got to go back


Walsall’s 3rd substitution, 74 minutes.

If you’ve got cash to throw away, a Walsall win is 26/1 with Betfair at the moment…


parker coming on


Crowd 878.


What was?


leading up to their second goal


Terrible performance! This against a team in the league below, while it’s a pointless competition still try and give us something for the money, all that could make it worse is Paul Hurst gets re-appointed at Shrewsbury and watch us flop! Would of took him over keates anyday, at least his signings done this business, and had some consistency!


try telling Ipswich fans that :smiley:


Walsall yellow card, 90 min


I can honestly say wilson is one of the worst players i have ever seen in a walsall shirt


Yeah but let’s face it he’s not the first one to move up a division and not work out, but it was exactly the same when he left Grimsby for them, it was still a move up and look how that went, Ipswich was obviously a move to far, he’s still only young


Jesus Christ what an over reaction.