Port Vale (H) EFL (Checkatrade) Trophy, Tue 13th Nov, 7.00pm


MOTM? I don’t think he was that bad. Much worse out there


Don’t forget where the Bar is will you …:wink:


I am struggling to name one tbh? i thought bates did ok and so did ismail before he was taken off


what bar :rofl:


Ismail was dreadful! Ferrier couldn’t care less. Dunne was flat footed and lucky not to concede two of his own making. Fitzwater and Johnson were god awful at the back.

Wilson was just average.


I think as fans we all see something different at times, i think what we can agree on is the fact that it was a very poor performance and nobody shone.


As things stand possible next round trip to…

MAN CITY!!! (or Shrewsbury).
Barnsley, Mansfield, Accrington, Rochdale.

And for those wondering how many Sunderland might or might not bring in the FA Cup, they took 1,569 to Morecambe tonight!


This might not happen.
The 2nd rd is due to be played the week of Dec 3rd. Sunderland are currently top of their group. If it stays like that there is a 1 in 3 chance of playing them. That would be 3 games in 10 days … and then if the FA cup game goes to a replay!


We’ll play one of Sunderland, Shrewsbury, Rochdale or Accrington Stanley in the next round, away from home.


Yes 1 in 4 chance not 1 in 3.


Don’t ever blame a full back this guy will be all over it :roll_eyes:


Seems I missed a poor effort from the lads…mind you it was basically a reserve team so lets all relax and get ready for Saturday.


He was literally man of the match :joy::joy::joy:


The Sunderland commentator on radio Newcastle tonight reckons its nailed on they’ll get us!

I’m not sure the information on our official site is correct. According to the EFL website any of the 8 runners up from the regional groups could be drawn away to any of the winners from the same regional groups. Before tonight there was a lot of speculation in the North East media that given the right sequence of results Sunderland and Newcastle could meet in the next round, which would also mean that info is wrong.
Stand to be corrected if anyone can point to a source.

The lad I know who runs NUFC.com also suggests that our official site is wrong, and he knows his stuff!!


_The next stage of this competition sees the eight group winners and runners-up from the Northern and Southern sections enter into a draw that remains regionalised. _

As group winners, Newcastle will get a home tie against a Northern Section runner-up other than the one from their own group meaning it will be one of these seven:

Stoke City U21s, Bury, Macclesfield Town, Manchester City U21s, Walsall, Oldham Athletic or Lincoln City.

The hoped-for pairing against the mackems cannot take place - at least in the last 32 - after the red and whites managed to win their group.

The draw is on talkSPORT2 at 1pm on Friday and ties are scheduled to be played in w/c December 3rd.


It does seem confusing
Below is from

Draw A will consist of the four winners from Groups A, B, C &; D and the four runners up from Groups E, F, G & H.
Draw B will consist of the four winners from Groups E, F, G & H and the four runners up from Groups A, B, C & D.


Probably confirms why he’s spent most of his career in non league …


He picked up his effort second half to be fair to him but his play was dreadful. He got absolutely mugged off by their right back with a nut meg. Fell over in the box twice with the ball at his feet and his touch was atrocious.


Oh well if that’s the case, no trip to St James’ Park!


Wouldn’t they just play this sort of game at the training ground?

I see (from my limited interest) that Spurs and Arsenal under 21s are playing in this competition this season. I can’t imagine they’re playing the games at Wembley or the Emirates!


All the U21 teams have played away from home so far this season I believe?

Because you see, it’s not good enough that we lose our one chance of getting to Wembley in a slightly meaningful way and that we have to develop their youngsters for them, they also can’t be expected to shoulder the expense of hosting these games.