Portsmouth (A) Tue 27th Nov, 7.45pm


I found the following in a New York Times article:-

"Booze and iloquence,” said Mr. Dooley many years ago, “has both passed out iv our public life.” Finley Peter Dunne, Mr. Dooley’s creator, was writing during Prohibition. Booze has returned, of course, but eloquence, alas, is still in short supply.


I’m a bit late but been travelling and just got back. I was at the game and the home team performance was very similar to their Bradford match I was at. They are tight and compact with a couple of creative players that can unlock a goal or two. Then they very professionally close out the game. That is a team that will definitely be promoted, well organised.

If Ginnelly had scored that chance just after half time it could have been very different. Thought we played ok, struggled to find our men too often but we did stretch the game a few times. Cookie came on a bit late, hence we kept playing the frustrating short corner. The team got applauded off so people weren’t too unhappy on the night!

Portsmouth fans applauded the 150 odd Walsall fans there which I guess could be interpreted as condescending but I thought was a nice touch.


Crickey that’s some traffic jam.