Portsmouth (A) Tue 27th Nov, 7.45pm


I agree with that. Feel our attacking play is good - we need to convert more opportunities - but a huge improvement on the Whitney era. Some great young talent with loads of potential. Defensively a real problem though - lack of discipline and concentration when we don’t have the ball, we don’t defend properly as a team. As Keates says many are still young and naive - this needs to be sorted out urgently.


I’ve said hundreds of times , Leahy is just to slow … gets beat to easily and struggles to recover.


That I can agree with. Because it’s fair criticism.


Lol. If the stats go in favour of Leahy then that means everyone else is ■■■■. And Phil wonders why he’s seen as a joke, says any old ■■■■ to fit his narrative.


Blokes Bipolar


Listen, I’m sorry if complex arguments and big words are too much for your level of intelligence.

I’ll repeat one more time.

If Leahy is statistically the best passer, retainer of the ball, and chance creator, yet is the player noticeably weakest in possession and wasteful - does that not suggest that other parts of the team are flattering to deceive?

If you can’t understand the above, reasoned argument, there’s no point you being members of a message board - you should probably stick to crayons. Do you need certain parts of the above sentence broken down like a G.C.S.E student?


Because he’s not. It’s a lazy and unfair critique. Sorry if that is too complex for your level of intelligence.

I mean, just think about what you are saying for a second. The guy that is statistically the best in the team at something is noticeably the worst at the same thing? If you say so buddy, if you say so.


It’s not what I say - it’s what pretty much anyone who watches him play says. Statistics, statistics and damn lies, as they say.



It’s “Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics” but close enough.

Some statistics are more useful than others. Ex Goals for example, I think, is about as useful as a coin toss to decide who the more “dominant” team was.

But when one player is your most accurate passer of the ball, complete’s more key passes then anyone else, creates more chances than anyone else and hit’s his target on crosses more than anyone else then to call him the weakest in possession in the side and wasteful is downright nonsense.


Most people just say he’s a ■■■■ defender to be honest. His attacking stats are never brought up because it doesn’t follow the “Leahy is ■■■■” narrative.


I know what the saying is you muppet, lol, it was a pastiche. God you’re an insufferable moron.


“As they say”. Of course it was :kissing_heart:


No name calling please, gentlemen.

Unless we need certain parts of the site guidelines broken down like a GCSE student?


Christ sake🤦‍♂️


Love this … carry on lads :joy::joy:


I know of one that is worse! :joy::v:


No he’s not, he’s a very naughty boy!


Erudite as usual, ShyT :grinning:


Well call me thick…but all this talk is just Grandiloquence…:roll_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: