Portsmouth (A) Tue 27th Nov, 7.45pm


■■■■■■■ everything with her I tell ya


Whispering sweet analysis into her ear.


Oh dear. At least Walsall are guaranteed a good humping!


“Beat the press baby”


Have you tried blaming the full backs?


John Whitney’s 1st Studio Album. Contains hits such as “Cassius Camp Rock”, “Take the Positives (Tension)” and latest single “I Have a ■■■■ Job Now 2”.


I would just go and park the proverbial bus, the Portsmouth fan that posted on here stated that they struggle to break teams down at home, I suspect that is because they have used the same tactics.


The main (and only) thing in our favour, is that we don’t stand a chance of winning,the pressure is all on Pompey.If we lose,no problem,it was expected.If we play with 11 men on the line,no backlash.So just sit back and enjoy it…:stuck_out_tongue::laughing:


I am sure the UK’s scariest looking bookshop owner will be there ringing his ding-a-ling tomorrow night.


5-1 defeat, Viveash to get sent off for two bookable tackles.

I was there last season for our 1-1 thrashing of them.
I’ll never have it so good again!


Hope she can’t get on here to read what you’re saying about her or you’ll be in doo-doo street next never mind the dog house …


What an ugly spectacle :rofl:


We will win 1-0 (I’ve been under a great deal of stress of late!)




I was there too. Never a penalty!


Mods? Surely he’s been hacked?


I am confidently awaiting an unexpectedly spiffing performance from our chaps and a splendid victory by two of those goal-things to our estimable fellows and none to those abominable Pompey coves.


Did you get laid last night by any chance?



Laid like Sarah Pipellini (as the old joke goes)…